"Play Online" button missing for these games

A few games can be played online, even though the “Play Online” button is missing on the IFcomp site. Thus links to those are given below:

Rio Alto: Forgotten memories by Daftgames

The Call of the Shaman by Larry Horsfield

Treasure Hunt in the Amazon by Kenneth Pedersen and Niels Søndergaard


Thanks! Can “The Untold Story” be played online? I guess so. The download link for “The Untold Story” https://ifcomp.org/play/2082/download downloads “The_Untold_Story.gblorb.js” in plain text.

My game Enceladus can also be played online. Juhana made an online Hugo interpreter a little ways back. The downloaded/offline version is better, as it will show graphics and play sound, but the game itself is perfectly playable here: http://textadventures.online/play/?story=library/enceladus.hex

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Thanks to help from zarf, there’s an offline-playable glulx version here:

(It’s not my game, I just uploaded it to that thread.)

Edited to add:
“Abandon Them” can also be played online:

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I finally got Abandon Them to work in Firefox after reloading a couple of times. At first it played music but showed a black screen.

Safari gives the error “abort(114). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info.” Chrome says “Browser doesn’t support WebAssembly”.

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Thanks for this!

The web tools don’t necessarily make it super clear, but authors can make “Play Online” appear where it doesn’t otherwise by adding an index.html file at the top level of their uploaded zip file, and then having that HTML file contain whatever links and such you want.


The play online button for “Language Arts” is a link to the following text, with no trace of a “play online” option. Am I missing something?

Language Arts
IF Comp 2019

By Jared Jackson with Art by Ellana Jackson

To play Language Arts on a Windows machine: extract the .zip file to a folder of your choice then run the Language Arts .exe file.

To play Language Arts on a Macintosh machine: extract the .app file to your computer and run that application. Note that the Macintosh build has not been as thoroughly tested as the Windows build.

A manual with a walkthrough of the tutorial levels is provided here. Mathbrush assures me that you can play the whole game without the manual (it's big), so it's up to you if you want to dive into the details.

I just looked into it, and I think I know why people are having trouble (I was having trouble, too!)

You can’t play online, it just says ‘play online’ because there is an html file in the download and IFComp automatically thinks any html file is a ‘play online button’.

It seems like, to play on windows, you have to download, unzip the folder, then unzip ANOTHER folder inside of that, and then you can play!

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