Lynda Clark's IFComp 2019 Reviews

I’m going to attempt to play 5 games each weekend until judging closes. I’ll be posting the full reviews on my blog, and adding the links here. Here’s the first instalment:
Out of this week’s 5, I couldn’t get The Untold Story by Michael Pavano to download. Has anyone else managed to obtain this one?


Yep! StJohnLimbo posted a link in the thread discussing the problem with the upload. I’m playing it right now:


Ah, great, thank you!

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Regarding your question in your review about film references in Gone Out For Gruyere, the room with the Western film genre is from “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. If the game references any other films, other than general references to genres like fantasy and noir, I don’t know what they are. The references do not need to be understood to finish the game. I think the author is just a film buff.

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Yeah, I knew that one. I just thought I also recognised the scene with the two boys with firecrackers but the author contacted me to say that wasn’t intentional.