Audio IF - Audio Interactive Fiction Interpreter

Hi everyone, I developed this Android interpreter few years ago, but I am not sure if it got much
Please check it out if you are interested, you can play with your phone with text speech + voice recognition in a dialog way.

Google play description:
"audio IF - Audio Interactive Fiction - Play story games in a audio dynamic way.

Interactive fiction, Text adveture games, Story games, Interactive fiction interpreter, Z-Machine Interpreter, Z-Code games.

Play your favorite interactive fiction games in a listen-talk way.
At each step the text adventure is read for you, and then waits for your voice command to play the game.

2 modes:

-Text mode: regular interactive fiction gameplay with reading and writing
-Audio mode: dynamic listen-talk gameplay

I tried to make the app easy to use for blind people.
The “start audio mode” button is really big in the middle of the screen, so after you open the app, if you press somewhere in the middle of your screen the audio mode should start.
On the audio mode, the app scans for the supported game files on your device, and speaks out loud the name of each game file with a number identifier. After the enumeration of the games, there will be a beep, then you should say the game number, it will load that game.
When it’s time for the player to speak, the app makes a beep sound. You can interrupt the story speech by clicking anywhere in the middle of screen, click anywhere on the screen also to start the speech recognition in case it is stopped.
Sometimes the speech recognition fails to understand what is said, and nothing happens, in that case you have to press in google speech button exactly the middle or dismiss the popup clicking twice somewhere little above the android native back button. (Unfortunately I couldn’t solve this problem yet)

If there is any problem or recommendation please let me know.

Text to speech configuration: It gets the default configuration from your phone, so if you want to change speed of speech or language you can do it on android settings, language and input, text to speech output.

How to easily find games:
If you click on the top button of the app “Browse supported games”, it will bring you to the website Index: if-archive/games/zcode where the game files are directly available for download. Once the game file is downloaded, you just need to go back to the app and start audio or text mode, and the file scanner is going to find your downloaded games.

Game lists:

How to play quick guide:

Supported formats: Z-Machine games

The core of this application uses the ZMPP interpreter project: Z-Machine Preservation Project download |

You can find the sourcecode of the audio IF project here: GitHub - drossimarinho/audioIF: audio IF - Audio Interactive Fiction - Play story games in a dynamic listen-talk gameplay - Android"


Interesting. After I was cheated by an unnamed wearable computer company, I never revisited this concept.


Mmm, I used it sometime ago but I didnt know that it recognized players voice.
I have a blind daughter that plays some games from time to time in iphone with voiceover. If this app works as you say, this could be very useful for blind persons.

I will test it and reply with some feedback stuff soon.

Thanks for the development.