About that error running Vorple from file://*, does it actually have any teeth?

If I change the javascript of play.html from

if( location.protocol === "file:") {


if( true == false) {

…thus enabling the game to run from file://…

…how might I regret it in the future?

Best I can tell, stylesheets and such work fine, and this ugly error has been neatly hacked away:

I guess if I try something fancy with javascript requests I could hit XD / CORS errors at some point, but if the idea is to package the entire game locally that doesn’t seem prohibitive.

If I’m missing something here, please advise.

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If everything works, there’s no issue. Remember to test with other browsers because they have different restrictions when displaying local content. Preferably with multiple operating systems if possible.

The reason why it’s restricted by default is that while most things do work without issues, there are more than enough cases where it doesn’t work that would eventually lead to an unsustainable situation in many ways. It’s fine to hack it to work on the local filesystem if you know what you’re doing, but for most people who aren’t professional web developers fully evaluating the downsides would be too much to ask.