Zilf 0.9 - Raspberry Pi 4

For a time, I was unable to work with Zilf on Raspberry Pi. On the Raspi OS versions last year it would not compile. An alternative was to use “pure” Arm Debian. I had found that unsatisfactory.

I downloaded the most recent Zilf 0.9 for Arm computers and set it up on my RPi 4 this afternoon. It now works as expected. I was able to compile the sample games and then play them with command line frotz and Gargoyle from the desktop.

Thank you to the Zilf development team!


I love tinkering with ZIL & ZILF on Raspberry Pi… Feels like a natural combination! :slightly_smiling_face::v:

Glad 0.9 works on Pi now, must admit with this year going as it has I’ve done little to no ‘tinkering’ and didn’t even know 0.9 would work. I’m still using 0.8 on my Pi.


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