Why Adventure Games Suck, by Ron Gilbert, 1989

Lots of interesting points, but every time I look at the title I get disgusted.

I certainly understand what he means, his rationale is quite clear, but every time I read the article’s title I just want to close the tab.

I guess as a designer and creator he pretty much has to take a look at the WHOLE industry, and that’s where his forming his conclusions. In which case he’s probably right. But as a player, I only look at the games that I find to be to my liking, so there’s a whole lot of filtering going on; and within the games that I choose to represent adventure games, the genre has a lot of quality to offer.

Doubtless his point as a designer is more valid. But it still makes me want to turn off my browser just reading the title of the article.

I’m sure the title was intended to be provocative and nothing more. He doesn’t dislike adventure games. In fact, he’s still designing them.

At the time, the title was today’s equivalent of “Why First Person Shooters Suck.”

I suppose that is relevant context. Thanks.

Still hate it, though.

As a counterpoint, I propose DJ Shadow’s Why Hip-Hop Sucks In '96, a 44-second instrumental track with the single lyric “It’s the money.”