Where to upload walkthroughs?

I would like to first off say thank you to those that have help me with the interactive fiction forum with any questions that I have had secondly I was told back in 2012 the interactive fiction was dying but I see now that it is not it’s actually still thriving but anyway my official announcement is this for those of you that want to try to pass winter wonderland but can’t figure out how to through the hints like I had I have decided to write a complete walk-through for it but my question is is it possible for me to upload it to the game information page


You can link to it here, or upload a .txt file. If you mean on IFDB, I believe you need to host it somewhere (such as IFArchive) and link to it as well.

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I believe I created an IFDB account two weeks ago

Ah, the thing is that IFDB only links to things that exist elsewhere.

Use this form to upload your walkthrough to IFarchive:


Put “solutions” as the suggested directory.

In a week or two you’ll receive an e-mail when your walkthrough is accepted. That will give you a link to your walkthrough. Post that on IFDB.

If you have your own website you can just put your walkthrough on their and link it to IFDB, too!


I just want to say thank you to those of you that have helped me through this also I want to say that I wish I would’ve found this sooner like when I first discovered interactive fiction


No problem! I know exactly what you mean; I didn’t find the forums until 5 years after I found out about IF.

You know, right now would be a good time to start writing a game for next year’s IFComp! If you want an easier entry to writing games, Ectocomp is a Halloween competition that is for games that only take 3 or 4 hours to make, and it doesn’t start until the 24th.

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I really enjoy seeing walkthroughs for games that need them. They encourage me to at least plow through them if nothing else. I might miss some details, but – I have such a huge backlog, and I’ve come to admit I can’t see everything!

I’m looking forward to the news item on IFDB. I know seeing more traffic there encourages me to write reviews or maybe even a walkthrough–David Welbourn’s monthly batch of map/walkthroughs is a case in point!

The news item doesn’t have to be anything profound–and I like seeing a healthy ratio of reviews/walkthroughs to new game announcements.

(By the way, if your walkthrough’s not on IFArchive yet, you can also post a temporary dropbox link to your walkthrough as a stopgap, then update the news item later. I’ve done that, too.)

I tend to check for a walkthrough as part of deciding to play a game, or not. I just don’t like playing part-way through and getting stuck.