Where to discuss a Work in Progress

I would share what I’m working on but I can’t figure out where the right place to do that is in this form, it’s a little confusing.


I think you just tag your new topic but I’m not sure which tag that would fall under…I’m new here too! Hi!

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Weirdly, there’s no place here that I can find specifically for discussing current projects. The best place I can see to do it is here:

It’s a great area of the forum for hammering out specific questions about best practices and getting feedback on what players prefer, too.



That does seem like an oversight, and I wonder whether a moderator like @HanonO could suggest a good way to introduce threads like that.


Design Discussions kinda works, often though that implies structural or system tech design help.

I would say if you’re just discussing a work in progress (speaking generally without any specific tech or system involved - like plot and story), put it in Authoring (no subgroup) and tag it wip or work-in-progress.

I believe anyone can create a new tag, but use an existing one if it pops up.