Where is everyone? - A horror text adventure with sound effects

Hello everyone!

Although I’m new to this forum, I’ve been immersed in the world of text adventures since the 90s. Recently, I decided to merge my passion for writing fiction with my modest programming skills, aiming to create a nostalgic text adventure reminiscent of the ones I grew up playing.

The result of this endeavor is a game titled “Where is everyone?” which I developed using Quest 5.8 software. Initially, my programming abilities were a bit rusty, but as I delved deeper into the project, I found myself spending more time in the ‘code view’ than utilizing the user interface. Drawing from an original story I had written years ago, I crafted a horror game that serves as a template for this unique experience.

One exciting aspect of the game is the careful attention I’ve given to creating an atmospheric ambiance by incorporating audio. For instance, opening a cupboard triggers a distinct sound effect, as does closing it. Throughout various areas of the game, you’ll encounter a multitude of carefully placed sound effects that help establish the desired tone.

I’d appreciate it if anyone would check it out, share their thoughts, feedback, and constructive criticism on the game. This field of creative expression is one I’m deeply passionate about, and I’m eager to further explore and improve upon it with your invaluable input.

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I had a quick go. will play more later. initial thoughts (web version):

Like it so far. Clicking on things is the way, although when things are revealed you don’t immediately get a handy new list of clickables.

Like the sounds!

Web version appears to block commands when playing audio.

Lack of referential closure (ie things mentioned you can’t reference) is a bit more acceptable when you have these high-lit click links. I think this is a design choice. Many people won’t be bothered. some will.

more later.


Thanks for checking it out :slight_smile: - The web version works surprisingly well but I often encourage downloading due to the host website sometimes lagging in certain areas. Some audio effects such as using the toilet or walking down a flight of stairs will hold he player momentarily in place until the action is complete. Most sound effects don’t do this however. The lack of referential closure is something I can work on as I often like to embellish locations with objects that can be interacted with. Let me know if you run into any other issues.



I tried running the web version again, but got an error?

Server Error in '/' Application.
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I hear that there was a time when the servers at textadventures.co.uk ran like clock work but over the last couple of months they have been known to hitch. Since then authors such as myself recommend to download the game as apposed to playing it online. When you play the web version you’re at the mercy of site traffic.

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