Where can I find Jesse McGrew's Rellor?

Jesse McGrew (@vaporware) mentioned in a post at Zeugma, a modern Z-machine interpreter for the 6502 - #12 by vaporware that he was working on a complete rewrite of the I6 compiler called Rellor.

The link there is no longer functional, and no code seems to have been submitted to the IF Archive. Does anyone know what the current state of the project is and/or where the code so far completed can be found?

Well, here’s a mercurial archive of a fork of rellor by @Logicmoo described in a post on rellor_interp.

Even better: an archive of rellor itself at Mercurial Bitbucket Archive | jmcgrew/rellor archive.

Thank you! I don’t know what to make of the contents of the archive, though – at a quick glance the contents seem scrambled. Is it necessary to use mercurial to access them?

Doh, I had been looking under ‘mc’ not ‘jm’.

There are one zillion web pages helpfully explaining how to archive a mercurial project. I gave up on trying to find one page explaining what to do with such an archive.

Not sure whether there’s another way, but using Mercurial is most likely the easiest way to access the files. The download contains just the bare repo with nothing “checked out” (to use the git term). Just go to where you extracted the archive (that is, go where the .hg folder lives), and run:

hg update
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Bless you.

Me, 8 years ago: “Slowly but surely, Rellor is getting there.”

Narrator: “It didn’t.”

I believe I got about as far as parsing Inform code in a way that was mostly, but not completely, compatible with Inform 6. In retrospect, ANTLR probably wasn’t the right tool to use.


Dangit. I had hoped that, if nothing else, I could rip your grammar and run with it.

(Every once in a blue moon, I get this urge to write an optimizing I6 compiler… then I think about the grammar, and almost immediately lose interest again :sweat_smile:)

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You are in a twisty maze of expression grammars, all different. :sweat_smile: