What is wrong with iplayif.com?

Trying to play games through iplayif.com but it’s permanently “Loading…” after uploading file either from a link or from a disk. Launched in Chrome and Firefox. Games from Spring Thing Festival of Interactive Fiction load fine. Does anyone else have this problem? Are there any mirrors?

I’m not aware of any bugs, but there’s always the possibility of newly triggered bugs, especially if they’re somehow caused by higher traffic today. If you do see an issue, please do check the browser console for any errors. Most errors should be caught and reported to the user visibly, but some might not be, and might only be shown in the browser console.

I checked. There are no any errors or warnings.

It works only after cleaning cache (ctrl-F5).

It’s been like that since the latest update, I mentioned it in another thread but promptly forgot about it and didn’t come back to it afterwards, sorry. It works the first time you load a game but refreshing the page makes it spin the compass icon without starting the game. I suspect it’s a race condition somewhere in the loading sequence, maybe if the story file loads from cache before the interpreter’s own files it doesn’t start properly.

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Hmm. Weird.

Someone else on Reddit complained that iplayif.com wasn’t working for them, so there probably is an issue, but I can’t see what it would be.

Thanks, I can reproduce this now. Seems like doing a soft refresh (ie, the refresh button) makes it stall maybe half the time? But never if the console is active…

When it does stall, GiLoad prints this message, so whatever is the issue is after the Parchment launcher code:

GiLoad: trying pre-loaded load (array)...

It also stalls with ZCode, and doesn’t log anything. So probably not anything to do with GiLoad then. I’m suspecting one of these load handlers in AsyncGlk?

Possibly when refreshing it’s too fast, and the load event has already fired? I should also check document.readyState.

Okay I’ve pushed a fix for that issue, and I’m no longer getting refresh stalls. Let me know if you continue to have any trouble with it.

Honestly I’m quite surprised I never experienced this issue before, it was far from obscure. Pretty embarrassing bug haha.


Working on my end! :+1:

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Confirm. All is good now :gear: :gear: