What game should dad and 9 year old girl play tomorrow?

I’d like to play an old school parser-game with my daughter this weekend.

Looking for something with a lot of atmosphere, not so tricky puzzles, child-friendly and which could be completed in about an hour.

Does anyone have any recommendations? We’re reading Tom’s Midnight Garden at the moment, and she loves it – if that helps.


Molly and the Butter Thieves - Details (ifdb.org)

Beautiful landscapes, intruiging palace, a very funny intro, just-right puzzles.


I agree with Rovarsson’s recommendation. Two other games that are both beautiful and in the same setting (one much easier than the others) are:


both of which revolve around magical creatures in a magic garden, with Blue Lettuce having simple writing and commands and Starry Seeksorrow having complex story and commands.


There are a few of us at this stage in life! I was given some recommendations here, so will pass them on: Request for Beta-Testers for ParserComp Game: Daddy's Birthday - #9 by Warrigal

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I’ll also toss in SIX by Wade Clarke.


A Change in the Weather could be good.

To actually get the “best ending” is crazy difficult BUT…

  • There’s lots of ways to end the game in a way that feels satisfying
  • No bad language
  • It has a fox!
  • Individual smaller puzzles (how to open the shed) are not difficult in and of themselves
  • It’s beautifully written, if it wasn’t for the puzzle elements it could be one of the IF Art games I’ve been posting about.

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If whimsy is your game, The Wizard Sniffer is an excellent choice.

If you don’t mind me plugging one of my own games, I think she’d like The Witch’s Apprentice. You play the part of a young girl who is just about to start her apprenticeship with Broomhilda, the witch.

It’s an Adventuron game that can be played in a browser and has some cute graphics. A couple of the puzzles are a bit tricky, but you can help her out with those. It’s mostly two-word input.