What book / story / film would make a good IF premise / structure?

Maybe the following two movies would make good IF:

“Labyrinth” (with David Bowie as the elven king) where a girl has to find her way through a maze to rescue her little brother.

“The Prince’s Bride” where you find nearly everything you know from tabletop RPGs.


I remember playing it on the Apple and not getting very far.


I don’t know that game. But it’s just a coincidence of names I think. Because the stories differ strongly.
See yourself:


Definitely not a coincidence:

Just more of an adaptation instead of a faithful remake.

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Ah, ok. I’m corrected. But my point is for the OP to have the plot as inspiration for an IF. And the plots differ (at least if the reviews on Moby Games and IMDB are correct.) But if there are indeed similar plot elements then copyright law makes an IF adaption at least difficult.

I also wasn’t aware that Jim Henson was involved in this movie. But now that I read it, it fits.

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Both game and movie were produced by Lucasfilm, if memory serves me correctly. The former was a tie-in to the latter and both were released in 1986.

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I think I have a winner here!


Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir.

Andy Weir wrote The Martian, and Matt Damon “scienced the fuck out of those potatoes”!

His hobby is calculating orbital trajectories. I think we have someone on the forum who jazzes with this. I’ll tag that person later on…

The first 70 pages of Project Hail Mary read like a text-adventure transcript with a bit of padding.
-amnesia? check.
-strange surroundings? check.
-locked bulkheads? check.
-gradually unfolding backstory through awkwardly inserted flashbacks? check.

Actually, Weir appears to be asking for a text-adventure re-write when he explicitly mentions “twisty little passages, all alike” around page 50.

The form of this text would be a worthy candidate for a standard “solve puzzle-get key-enter next room-repeat” adventure. But the scientific details , which are the strong point of Weir’s writing, invite an IF-author with that same set of sensitivities…

Someone perhaps who enjoys calculating the speed of sound in Jovian or Saturnian atmospheres…

@inventor200 , You must read this book. Must. I’ve been thinking about you each time I managed to extract my focus slightly from the text.

“Joey would love this!”

Every time I looked up to the skies pondering a scientific detail.

Please @inventor200 , read this book. You will be Capitalising Your Thoughts all the way.

Everyone else, if you’d like a great SF escape room with a weird twist, have a go at this.


It means a lot that someone can accurately guess what I would like! :grin: Absolutely love this book! Also, I agree that it would make for a good IF story! That’s something I’ve pondered quite a bit, too!


Or calculating the apparent gravitational force by dropping a pen off a table 400 times while squinting at the seconds-hand of a watch.