What are you listening to?

Starlight’s awesome. Rediscovered it a month or two ago and I’ve added it to some of my main playlists. Good song.


The Amelia Project

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What’s In The Rift?

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I’ve been looking through this thread and there’s a lot of interesting stuff here.

White Rabbit is one of my all-time favourite songs. I didn’t know Blue Oyster Cult had covered it. My favourite version is the one used in the trailer for the recent Matrix sequel - not that there have been any sequels to The Matrix. It’s quite strange, really, that they never made any sequels to The Matrix.

Nice to see Melt-Banana in this thread too. I like a bit of Japanese noise-rock. I listen to Acid Mothers Temple from time to time, but only in small doses.

Currently listening to some jazz I heard in an arty shop in Walthamstow Village this morning:


The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins is a good pick too. Did Leonard Nimoy make any other recordings?

I’m a massive fan of William Shatner’s musical outpourings. His version of Pulp’s Common People is sublime, and has become my karaoke standby. This happened because I was persuaded to take part in a karaoke night at the Phoenix Artist’s Club in London’s Soho, where most of the other participants had just come off the stages of West End musicals. I couldn’t possibly compete with that, but I can do a pretty good impersonation of William Shatner’s idiosyncratic talk-singing style.

Recently I’ve branched out into “Shatnering” songs which Shatner himself has never covered. The technique involves “talk-singing” the lyrics in a highly impassioned, overwrought style, placing emphasis on all the wrong words, ignoring the meter of the songs completely and gettingfasterandLOUDERTOWARDSTHEENDOFEVERYLINE!


You don’t have to look too hard, but yeah… he rode the wave of fame. :wink: I just love his voice.

The man is so iconic that his name is a verb. Love it!

The only time I have ever done karaoke was to Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child of Mine. As most drunken karaoke happens, I went up with a few others and then they faded away and left me singing alone. After the song was done, I handed the mic back to the guy running the floor and he complimented my singing. Axl Rose, eat your heart out! :wink:


I sing a bit like Shatner…


With the whole *ShaBang* about ZaKweenzZzBee playing the banjo and cheatin’ at card games, (I’m kiddin’, I actually like her country-song more than most of her other songs, whoch aren’t that bad.) I started wondering if our Belgian admiration for Her earlier band’s “Destiny’s Child’s” song Independent Woman was internationally shared, known, loved,…

In the version of 2ManyDJs, who are also Soulwax, and also The Dewaele Brothers. Brothers who make rock’n’roll, dance, remixes, dancefloor experiences, a whole album full of mashups like 10CC+Destiny’s Child, and an entire suite of oldschool analog synthesizer music.


Here’s one of the bootie-shakin’ ones!

Two song-mix contrasted to a disturbing visual scene…



I have to laugh because I see your taste in music as a code to crack. :wink:

You have probably heard of The Dead Pirates, but just in case…

Check out → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOKMoL8_jaQ (Ugo)

…great video, great sound. Here’s one with a little more energy Clement, but I encourage you to check out their album Highmare. Organ powered, jazz-fused psychedelic rock? Whatever it is, there ain’t much else like it.


Hey, another Magnus Protocol fan here! Though I’m not sure if I count since I always listen to the transcripts instead of listening. I read a lot faster than I can listen to a podcast, and I have a limited amount of patience for fictional podcasts, but when reading it’s just like going through a serialized horror story.

I’ve read the transcripts of most Magnus Archives episodes, and the successor is shaping up to be even more interesting. Course we’re only at the start, so we’ll have to see how things go…

(Also, since I’m in this thread already, everyone should check out this epic trance remix of Luna Ascension, a track from a game I’ve never played. I’ve listened to it at least 30 times.)


A melancholy but strongly punctuated dance by the master:

[Tom Waits’ The Tango from his album with Crystal Gale: This One’s From the Heart]

With an outro leading quite naturally into a very similar feeling, but more softly , by my most beloved Belgian busker:

[Guido Belcanto’s Balzaal der Gebroken Harten (Ballroom of Broken Hearts) from his album Op Zoek Naar Romantiek (Searching Romance) ]


True Tales of the Illuminati

(note, tales almost certainly not true)

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Oz 9

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Planet Arcana

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Back in 1981, this little ditty made it’s debut…


Cry Havoc! Ask Questions Later.

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I dare you all to not like this song.


Neon Nights, The Arcane Tales Of Jack Tracer

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