What are you listening to?

Ĺiiķè thèsòmģ vèry mùçhh. Mày I ťàk ýoù up òn ýoùuŕ offèer pĺèaš , àt ýòuŕ çonvèe emiançe òf còùŕśe?


Picture this:

A man sits in a tavern in Madrid, where he once spent a vacation with his now-ex. On the wall next to his corner-table something is written in chalk: “I love you and I’ll never leave you.”

His ex wrote that when they were in this pub together. He can’t resist writing her a letter to tell her about this, and he spends the rest of the letter insisting and emphasising that he doesn’t miss her that much, that everything is fine, he’s having fun, his life is okay.

And no, he doesn’t see her silhouette in his dreams…

Full lyrics as translated by google:


dat ik na al die jaren nog eens schrijf heeft op zich niks om het lijf, geloof me
je raadt nooit waar ik me bevind, de tip is ergens waar de wind heet is
't is niet dat ik hier in madrid de hele dag te denken zit aan toen
en ik weet wel dat de regel geldt; ik word niet meer verondersteld te schrijven, maar luister…

dit geloof je nooit, ik zit weer in die kroeg, waar je me zei dat je me nooit verlaten zou
je schreef het met krijt, hier op de muur, en god het staat er nog altijd

denk niet dat ik met deze brief smeken wil nee asjeblief, geloof me
't is echt niet dat ik je hier mis, ik zie ook nooit je beeltenis voor me, je schouder, je haar
ik feest, drink en heb plezier en geen een keer denk ik was ze nu maar hier
en zelfs 's nachts alleen in bed, nooit verlicht je silhouet m’n dromen
maar luister dit…

geloof je nooit, ik zit weer in die kroeg, waar je me zei dat je me nooit verlaten zou
je schreef het met krijt, hier op de muur, en god het staat er nog altijd

en dat je van mij was, m’n lief
en hoe ik toen dacht dat dat voor altijd zo zou zijn
dat geloof je nooit

Google translate to English:

The fact that I’m writing again after all these years doesn’t mean anything in itself, believe me
You’ll never guess where I’m at, the tip is somewhere where the wind is hot
It’s not like I’m sitting here in Madrid all day thinking about the past
And I do know that the rule applies; I’m not supposed to write anymore, but listen…

You’ll never believe this, I’m back in that pub where you told me you’d never leave me
You wrote it in chalk, here on the wall, and God it’s still there

Don’t think that I want to beg with this letter no please, believe me
It’s not that I miss you here, I never see your image in front of me, your shoulder, your hair
I party, drink and have fun and not once do I think I wish she was here now
And even at night alone in bed, never does your silhouette light up my dreams
but listen to this…

You’ll never believe this, I’m in that pub again, where you told me you’d never leave me
You wrote it in chalk, here on the wall, and God it’s still there

And that you were mine, my love
And how I thought it would be forever
You’ll never believe

The image of a love-declaration in chalk on a pub-wall lasting after the relationship has ended breaks my heart.


Hhàd odđĺy śimiĺaaŕ expèerìencè. I ĺovè tè dìsbèlìèef àppàrènt wit ťhòs words, thè ĺàst 5 àbòvè. Lìf iś sùrŕèaĺ in hòw iť eçhoś.

Mý pŕevuś empĺòyŕ, the oñe whò laìď me òff oñ Feb. 2ñd, 2023, ànd stàrťd tè spìŕàl of hèĺ, had sènt mè caŕd:

Fùn, rìgt?

Wèl, mùs hàv fòrgťťn to ŕemvè mè fŕom çaŕdĺìsť. Ģot bìrtdày càrd in tdàys màil fŕom thèm. Dñt hav oŕignàl ànymŕe to còmprè, but nèaŕrly idèntjçl woŕdnģ. Añd $3 stàrbuçks càrd. Maýb gò gèt Vènťi cùp of pŕemìiùm aìr.

Bùtt at ĺesť Im stĺl “vàluđ” amď “ìnďďspènsìbll.” :roll_eyes:

Ŕegrďlss, I ĺov sònng ànd lyŕrics. Ďefinntĺy aďdrd to pĺýliśsť.


That (the card and the firing) is both bitter and funny!


Gawd I felt this. :skull:


Playin my violin cover along.


Doting over the new Cyberaktif release :grin:


This song feels like a modern classical piece and I just love it.

This, along with A Town with an Ocean View from Kiki’s Delivery Service, has given me a good deal of creative inspiration for a story, and actually so has Studio Ghibli’s work in general. They have a certain creative magic about them that’s had me fascinated for a couple months now. I’ve acquired some of their films recently (including Howl’s Moving Castle) and hope to see more soon.


In a melancholy mood. Wallowing in it a bit with the master:


Oh, what a great song. There’s a pretty good Tori Amos cover but the original is still the best (much like Downtown Train, which I’d only known as a Rod Stewart song; finding it on this album was a revelation).


This was one of dad’s favourite songs to blast in the car on long drives. Feeling sleepily nostalgic for those sunsets on the horizon and raindrops squeaking on the windows.

<generation gap>
That is also one of my favorites!
</generation gap>

The Cold War Kids are pretty easy to listen to. You could totally have them blasting while your grandma visits. Not bad for a little indie band out of L.A.

Here’s a few more from them:

Cold War Kids - Royal Blue

Cold War Kids - Hang Me Up To Dry

Cold War Kids - Louder Than Ever


I forgot about this song!


I’ve been exploring the early Beach Boys albums, but I took a break to listen to this live Merzbow recording that popped up on Youtube, and it’s one of my favorite things I’ve heard of him.

I’ve also really enjoyed Damien Jurado’s album “Ghost of David” lately; I hadn’t listened to Jurado before, but it’s a beautifully written and very melancholy collection of songs.


Queuing up this cover by Hua Chenyu of Fake Monk for my drive/assorted errand running this evening. It’s more an autumn energy song than one for burgeoning spring, but there’s something eerie about the flickering streetlamps and cool air in my area, so I’m giving it an OK.


Especially with a lot of stress right now, I’m finding Muse to be my comfort. Especially Starlight:

I find the song so beautiful, the pauses are correctly timed, and the song makes me want to cry when i listen to it.


How could I forget! One song which I’m sure you’ve heard: Thick As A Brick (part 1) by Jethro Tull (which is 22 minutes long, as a warning)…
…And one which might not be so known… Nude by Radiohead. This one I didn’t like as much at first, but I’ve grown into it. It’s a headphones-should-be-loud kind of song (loud since the song is fairly quiet and needs the atmosphere)


I have a very weird reaction to Arcade Fire’s Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out)

I feel sad and frustrated in how we are failing kids these days and I tend to get a bit emotional when hearing this song.


The Magnus Protocol