What are you listening to?

God help the girl

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Jeebers… such a shiver I just had running down my spine, reading this thread, as, except for Metallica, I’ve never even heard of a single one of these artists/groups.

Honestly felt like I had stepped into the Twilight Zone there for a minute, a kind of meta IF game, if you will :ghost:


Yeah, I think the Mountain Goats have pretty broad appeal age-wise — I’m primarily into indie bands who were big in the early aughts (I’m 41, so go figure I like the music of my early 20s) , and back when I was still able to go to shows (pre COVID and pre parenthood!) there were definitely way more younger people as compared to when I would go see the Hold Steady or folks like that. But there’s also an interview with their frontman in the latest New Yorker which of course has a slightly older target demographic!

Anyway they’re easily my favorite band, and other folks in a similarity indie vein I’ve tended to listen to a lot are the aforementioned Hold Steady, Ted Leo, Sharon Van Etten, EMA, Iron and Wine… oh yeah, and Arcade Fire (I actually went to high school with their frontman; I gave him a small Easter Egg-y cameo in my last game, Sting).

I don’t get as much chance to listen to them these days, though, since they’re all very lyrically driven and my work day is like 90% meetings and writing, and outside of work I’m usually hanging out with my seven month old son. So I wind up listening to more post-rock type bands, largely Rachel’s/Rachel Grimes and Explosions in the Sky.

(Basically I had very cool taste in music for like three months in 2004 and it’s all been downhill ever since).

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This is, objectively, the correct opinion. :slight_smile:


If anyone has played my last ifcomp game, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Lorde is probably my current favorite musician. But recently, I’ve been listening to Homestuck fan songs from the early 2010s. This, uh, also shouldn’t be a surprise. I know it’s seen as cringe nowadays but the sheer amount of creativity and effort that was put into this fandom is really beautiful, and might never be replicated again.

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Uhm. Your son has pretty strong opinions about music, apparently. What does he do, hold his breath until you play his music?


I once heard it argued that people like music that was new when they first had sex [blush]. Not true in my case! I inherited my older brother’s taste for progressive rock. (No, I haven’t asked.) He’s now into J-pop :roll_eyes:

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I agree with Pete Gardner: I find it hard to concentrate on ‘linguistic’ things if I can hear singing or talking in English. Fortunately, my lack of skill in other natural languages means I can listen to foreign-language song :grinning: It would be an interesting experiment to see if singing affected my Inform 6 programming as badly as my Inform 7 programming!
What do I listen to? Well, Tangerine Dream did my favourite instrumental music.
My record deck has started vibrating up and down, which puts it at great risk of ‘skating’ :cry: Needs mending/replacing. (I’ve got about 300 LPs, mostly bought in the '70s.) Can’t afford it… though I have spent about £35 on computer bits this week… Hmm.
(I’ve only heard of 1 or 2 bands mentioned in this thread!)


I do think that Mike Russo(?) and P.B Parjeter(?) have mentioned The Mountain Goats on the forums before though… I might be mixing up names on the forums though, but I’m pretty sure they’re older than me/closer to your age (Mike’s mentioned he’s ‘technically middle aged’ in a recent review, so he’s probably around my dad’s age, and roughly double mine) and have heard of one of the bands, so it’s probably not an age thing and more of a taste thing, haha! :blush:

I’m 30, probably a bit on the younger side of these forums. I started listening to the Mountain Goats in high school circa 2008, mainly the albums released between 2003 and 2012.

I don’t listen to those albums all the way through anymore but still go back to a few favorite songs, particularly “Autoclave,” “Beautiful Gas Mask,” “Moon Over Goldsboro” and “Night Light.”

The albums themselves still hold up but I find it emotionally difficult to listen to music that I haven’t listened to for years.

Other than that I’ve been listening to Mike Oldfield quite a bit recently. I also enjoy (or have enjoyed) Wye Oak, Mike Oldfied, The Cranberries, David Bowie, the New Pornographers, The Divine Comedy, Regina Spektor, Sambassadeur, Lucky Soul, and assorted 80s songs.


Side point about Eurovision: I’d heard about it but never got into it. A few years after I did, I finally got around to watching Father Ted, and I was shocked to find the parts I found funniest weren’t the ones people liked, and vice versa.

(My favorite bit is when the lights go on and Father Ted is horrified to see all of Father Dick Byrne’s band! I also laugh at how Dick Byrne can’t possibly mean a word of his song as he is, of course, as much a humbug as Ted. As I understand, most people prefer watching Ted and Dougal go down in flames, but My Lovely Horse wasn’t the big laugh for me. Also, I want someone to bring Sha Na Na Na Na Na Na by the Death Pigs into existence.)

As for the original subject, when I was growing up, lots of parents were pretty sure that nearly everything had a Hidden Satanic Message in it. My parents even mentioned Louie Louie as a possibility. And stuff like Holy Diver from Dio was, of course, out, because Subversive Messages and Don’t You Dare Play That Backwards.

So I still really enjoy songs I never got to listen to, or songs with a different meaning than I thought or songs that were much more moral than I suspected.

One I was really surprised to know the real meaning of was Huey Lewis’s “Walkin’ on a Thin Line.” I’d heard it when I was very young, and without the Internet you couldn’t replay it, so I just remembered the beat and something like “Rockin’ on the Big Time.” When I finally bought the cassette, I said “Oh! THAT song!” But it was … different. But it’s neat to find how our expectations are subverted.

It maybe hasn’t unintentionally fooled as many people as Bruce Springteen’s Born in the USA, but it’s close. And it was originally panned for being too serious and IIRC was the lowest-charting of all the songs on HLN’s Sports album.

So I enjoy finding that sort of song. And it happens a lot when I have YouTube sort through “my mix” and go down the list, and maybe I find a song with a melody or chorus that I forgot.

Though other times I just listen to the same song over and over again until I’m almost sick of it.

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