Weirdness parsing object names with apostrophes

On this code, compiling to z-machine:

Living room is a room. Jane's table is a thing in living room.

I get this result:

Living room
You can see Jane’s table here.

>x Jane’s table
You can’t see any such thing.

>x Jane’s
You see nothing special about Jane’s table.

>x table
You see nothing special about Jane’s table.

>x table Jane’s
I only understood you as far as wanting to examine Jane’s table.

Any idea what is going on here? Why is “Jane’s” being understood as the table in isolation but not in combination with the other words in the name?

edited to add: Here is a bit of the generated I6:

Object -> I126_jane_s_table ""
    class K2_thing
    with short_name BC_151
    has proper
    with vector 0
    has mark_as_thing
    with IK2_Count 1
    with IK2_Link nothing
    with KD_Count 2
    with name 'jane^s' 'table' 'things//p' 
    with action_bitmap 0 0 0 0 0 
    with description BC_152
    with initial BC_153
    with list_together BC_154
    with plural BC_155
    with article BC_156

‘jane^s’ looks like it’s in there in a perfectly ordinary way?

Look closely - that’s not an apostrophe, it’s a single curly quote.

(Discourse renders them the same way when you’re viewing a post, but they’re different in the source.)

I’m using the same keystrokes to type this into my source code and the IDE, though. So the question is, why the heck is the IDE autocorrecting my apostrophes to curly quotes sometimes when I type an apostrophe in the Story panel? And why not the other times?

(I’m on OS X 10.14.3, which seems like it must be relevant now.)

The difference appears to have to do with whether I type a space after the word with the apostrophe. Typing "Jane’s " and deleting the space gives me the curly quote, for instance.

This is version 1.64 of the IDE. I suppose I have to find the new version so I can do Glulx in the IDE anyway, so when that happens I can see if the issue persists.