Weird error message

Hey all–

In my game, typing pretty much any verb that requires an object (SIT or CLIMB or DRINK, etc) then asks “What do you want to sit on/drink, etc?”.

If I pick “tree”-- which happens to be in almost every location in the game as an object or a synonym-- I get this error:

compass (823909) 
  the north
  the northeast
  the northwest
  the south
  the southeast
  the southwest
  the east
  the west
  the up
  the down
  the inside
  the outside
(darkness object) (823941) 
(Inform Parser) (823973) 
(Inform Library) (824005) 
(property_numberspace_forcer) (824037) 
(ValuePropertyHolder_43) (824101) 
(ValuePropertyHolder_47) (824133)

Followed by a list of every object in the game! Obviously this is a BAAAAD error to have in play. Does anyone have any idea what is causing this so I can fix it? A search yielded nothing, probably because I don’t know the correct search term.




Ha, indeed! It is ABSOLUTELY THRILLING that this is not my fault-- it’s probably the first time that something like this isn’t due to crappy coding. Even more thrilled that I don’t have to hunt down every other instance. It was really worrying me that there would be other objects that did this.


This is so cool!

I’m vicariously living Amanda’s dread of having such a big bad error in her game and Mike’s triumphant recognition of a bug he encountered in his first game.