Web version of Ron Newcomb's Inform 7 Programmer's Manual available

I am super-excited to announce that (with the author’s blessing) there’s now a web-ified version of Ron Newcomb’s Inform 7 Programmer’s Manual alongside my web remix of the official docs. Though the I7 Programmer’s Manual was last updated in 2011 for 8.5/6G60 and so is out-of-date on some specifics, it remains an invaluable reference.

While it’s overall written with a presumed audience of people with some familiarity with conventional programming languages, several parts are definitely worth the attention of any intermediate I7 author, like:

  • Backstage Activities, which includes a much more clear outline of how carry out looking works than you’ll find elsewhere
  • Times, Turns, and Tenses has details on how counting occurrences of actions, and how tenses other than present work in conditional, things that frequently confuse authors

And I’ll take advantage of a shiny new thread to also plug @OtisTDog’s I7 Standard Rules Actions reference (Google sheet) which we’ve been talking about over in Semantics of Standard Rules Actions in Inform 7 6M62 but I would hate for anyone to overlook it.

Document all the things!