Voting for PunyJam #1

PunyJam #1 has gathered 9 entries (Yay!). We are now accepting votes. The game “The Job” is not in the competition, but you can use the voting form even for this game, to provide feedback.

Anyone can be a judge. Authors are not allowed to vote on their own games. A judge can vote on any number of games.

The games can be found at Submissions to PunyJam #1 -

Voting is done using the form at

Voting is based on the single criteria “Rate your overall enjoyment of the game, from 1 to 10”

At the end of 17 May 2021, CET, voting ends.

Please note: It’s not the authors’ fault that the first room of these games is similar between the games. The rules stipulate that the game has to start in a broom closet in a pub, and even gives the initial room description.

Come join the party!


28.5 hours left of the voting period. We would love some more votes. Just pick a few games at random, play them for a bit and vote.


PunyJam #1 is over. Many thanks to the participants! Award ceremony starting in 70 minutes on Twitter.


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And the results are in!


Congratulations to all participants, and a little more so to Garry Francis for winning!


I have posted a long post mortem on the PunyJam #1 Community page. Here’s a summary:

Thank you to all the entrants. I have played and completed all the games and was really impressed with the overall quality. For those that didn’t rate so well, please consider doing a post-jam release, then start on your next game.

Thank you to everyone that voted for ‘Captain Cutter’s Treasure’. It was a real challenge to learn a new library, design, code and test this game in just three weeks, but a challenge that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Thank you to my wonderful play testers: @dee_cooke, @Grizel, @ChristopherMerriner and @CaptainEdgecase. ‘Captain Cutter’s Treasure’ is a much, much better game thanks to their input.

Congratulations to @CaptainEdgecase as the runner-up. His game is a lot of fun with an original concept and an interesting spin on magic. The difference in scores between our games could not have been any closer.

Thank you to @fredrik for organising the jam and answering all my questions on the Discord server.

Thank you to @WauloK for starting the Discord server in the first place. It’s been a great success.

I hope there will be a PunyJam #2 and that it will become a regular event.


Likewise, I post factum posted a post mortem post haste to the Community page for the jam.

Best I can tell, has been my most positive experience of a free public posting forum anywhere ever in my entire life. I’m glad I’m here :slight_smile: Thank y’all for being warm and welcoming.


Congratulations to all, particularly Garry for the winning entry - pretty impressive for three week’s work. The overall standard of the entries was very high - I just wish I had more time right now to play them all! I too hope this becomes a regular thing.