Verbose Choice Menus on a Screen Reader

I’m trying to fine-tune some stuff for screen reader mode in my parser game. Let’s say I offer the player 6 choices at the start of the game, and each choice has a bit of text describing what it’ll do.

If someone is using a screen reader on desktop or mobile, would it be simple enough to hover over some text and re-read it?

I’m trying to imagine this game being narrated to me over the phone, at 2 times speed, with a blindfold on. I’m just not sure how much of a hassle it is for the average screen reader user to scan the page for a previous bit of text, but I also don’t want to put anything confirmation passages that might not respect the player’s time.


Yes. All modern screen readers virtualize the window contents in some way which allows the user to navigate them. When playing parser games, I can listen to the game output as it is printed to the screen, and then I can navigate the text by line, word, or character.
Thanks for your questions and your interest in accessibility!


Awesome; thank you!! This clears up a lot of design decisions, and will make planning future additions to this game a lot easier!

Absolutely!! When I make visual games, I design with colorblind and deaf players in mind, and when I make text-based games, I design with screen reader users in mind, too! Accessibility in games is a very high priority for me!