Verb Your Enthusiasm - Podcast

Ian Michael Waddell (Animalia) and Elizabeth Smyth (Bogeyman) are doing a podcast on the IFComp, and the first episode is out.

Also they made a trailer if you hadn’t listened to that.


Hehe. Ian Michael, on Sugarlawn (lightly paraphrased to remove ums, ers, sort-ofs, etc.):

Mike is bombarding you with interesting historical facts while you’re playing this game.

On the interactive fiction forums right now, there is this ongoing discussion: who’s got the highest score? Who has the highest prize total at the end of the game? So people are trying to optimize their runthroughs of Sugarlawn to get the best prize total. And I’m laughin’ because how much have these players learned about Louisiana just by connecting, say, a small steamship model with the steamship room, and listening to the narration about it? It’s really clever.

It’s fascinating to me that the purpose of the game for a lot of players is maximize their score. But for me it’s just, like, I want to learn more about Louisiana; I’ve never been to Louisiana.

Good point; that is a great thing about the game, that it doesn’t require you to care about the score. I definitely did appreciate the attention to detail that went into the surroundings, but for me it was almost all things that I already knew (I wasn’t familiar with one of the books, for sure), so it didn’t really register as an educational thing.

This is a fun podcast. Seems like good audio quality to me, good pacing, interesting opinions…well worth a listen.


Not all the way through, but Ian and Elizabeth are delightful!