Verb Your Enthusiasm - Podcast

Thank for your podcast episodes this year. I enjoyed them and hope you’ll make more!

Thank you! We actually just recorded another this afternoon, so you can expect to hear that sometime soon – in addition to the prize episode after the comp wraps up. We apologise for the delay in episodes, but, y’know, 2020.


EPISODE THREE we talk in-depth (very, very in-depth) into Babyface, Lore Distance Relationship, and Call of Innsmouth, with a little word on Copyright of Silence at the end. This is our best episode I think???


I was going to talk rapid-fire about some games at the end of the episode, but we ran out of time, unfortunately. So here are those thoughts:

  • Mother Tongue: like the inverse of Congee - where Congee was about yearning for one’s culture, this one is more about the experience of disconnection from one’s language/culture. Charming and sweet. Loved the PC, but the mom character didn’t ring as true for me - she felt a bit like a language bot at times - so I think I preferred Congee.
  • Fight Forever: nothing like a booty call to make you better at punching
  • The Impossible Bottle: Charming story, and an incredible parser/choice hybrid system that made it a blast to play. Loved this one.
  • Where the Wind Once Blew Free aka ANIMALIA RELOADED aka NOT MY ANIMALIA: imagine pumping every CSS effect you can think of into a t-shirt cannon and blasting it at your computer screen
  • The Turnip: excellent writing + bizarre pastoral setting + one of my favourite lines in the competition (“The sandwich feels nothing.”) = a win
  • What The Bus?: couldn’t decide what was more unrealistic: getting on the wrong bus straight to Hell or sitting next to The Rock and not saying anything more about it. Good for a quick laugh.
  • Turbo Chest Hair Massacre: Liked the central PC-switching mechanic a lot, liked the worldbuilding a lot, but the chest hair stuff didn’t do much for me. (It’s hard to get invested in the central puzzle of a game when your first reaction is “who cares?”) It’s quite a strange mashup of a game. Overall I think I liked it.

I think that’s just about all I have to say - maybe I’ll play some more today and update as I go, we’ll see. We’ll do the prize episode as soon as we can after the results are given out and prizes chosen.