Unicode in Interpreters

I’m contemplating a game design that might include some non-ascii characters (such as runes). This will be in TADS 3. Is there any solid information on which interpreters will or will not be able to display these characters in text?

I understand that blind users may have trouble with puzzles that involve this sort of thing. I can imagine a workaround, such as perhaps releasing a special version of the game for blind players in which the runes are described rather than being shown. But for most players, using descriptions would be horribly cumbersome, so I’m eager to learn whether I can rely on interpreters being able to show the characters.


Both QTads and Gargoyle support Unicode, so I would expect no problems on PCs and Macs. Haven’t tested the mobile interpreters though.

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If TADS in Gargoyle supports Unicode then it should be fine in Lectrote (and Parchment when I finish updating it.)

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