Twine Games in Firefox on


I am getting weird issues playing Twine games directly on the in Firefox (Nightly). When I try to run a game I get alerts like:

A fatal error has occurred. Aborting.

Error: no valid storage adapters found.

On the other hand, if I download the game or use Safari it works fine. Any ideas?

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Yeah, that usually means that your browser is blocking third-party cookies.


Thanks! I tested turning off my EFF Privacy Badger addon and it worked!

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Adventuron games hosted on have a similar problem, except that (in my experience) they just display a blank screen with no error message. (For instance, The Familiar.)

I have a fiddly workaround for both Twine and Adventuron cases, that doesn’t involve allowing third-party cookies:

  1. Go to the game’s page (here,
  2. Start Firefox’s Developer Tools (Ctrl+Shift+I) and go to the “Network” tab
  3. Press “Run game” (or reload the page if you’re already there)
  4. Find a line referring to a hostname ending in “” (here,
  5. Right-click that line and “Open in New Tab” – this should give a working game (here, the URL is

(I don’t know how stable these URLs are – probably they can’t be guaranteed not to change – but that one has been stable for a couple of months, at least.)

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Thanks for the tip! The developer tool network tab is your friend :slight_smile: .

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You can also get the url by pressing “Run game”, right-clicking on the frame, then selecting “This frame” → “Show only this frame”. (This doesn’t seem to work with the Adventuron game you linked, but it does with Twine.)

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As you’ve seen yourself the domain was stable until it was changed very recently. It should be stable for a while now. The other moving part is the /7625275/, which is updated on each release.

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