Trouble with vorple on with safari

Hello – I’m having trouble with getting my Vorple project to work on Everything works fine with Firefox and Chrome, but it won’t load at all in Safari (there is no result from pressing itch’s Run button except a scroll bar partially appears). The project does work on Safari when I load it locally. (Also, as a test, I checked a different Vorple project I had on itch in Safari, and it didn’t work either.)

(edit: oops, I should probably put a link to what I’m talking about: This is the older project. It seems to never get past the “loading scripts” stage, with a spinning V.)

I’m not even sure where to begin solving this problem. Any ideas?


It seems that Safari’s new cross-site tracking blocker prevents the use of the virtual filesystem when the game is embedded in Quick Googling doesn’t find any workarounds other than disabling “Prevent cross-site tracking” in Safari settings. I’ll try to figure out some kind of solution to this.

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Wait, are you saying that Safari specifically targets with this new restriction? Or is it just because happens to do something in a way that doesn’t work with the new policy?

No, not specifically, but anywhere it’s embedded with an iframe. Safari disables IndexedDB in iframes because that’s also the technique that some ad trackers use.


Thanks – I figured it was something like this but didn’t know how to find out!

With Safari erasing localStorage/IndexedDB etc after seven days if you don’t visit a site it’s probably time to stop considering Safari a viable browser for web apps.

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You shall be fortunate if Chrome doesn’t implement similar restrictions. Or, more likely, restrictions that are just different enough that you need different workarounds for each.

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For what is worth, on Firefox on Windows, I cannot get past the “loading scripts” stage either with the link you provided (the Hollow Crystal State page).

In the console, I get

Error: uncaught exception: Object

This isn’t really scalable or something that works on your end, but I’ve found that often when something fails in Safari for these reasons it works to open it in a private window. This also happens intermittently on Firefox and the private window trick often works there too.

Oh no! It works for me with Firefox (on a Mac).

You have spoken my fear. Chrome already makes developing for file: tricky.