Trizbort is now open source

Hi all,

As any of you who follow Trizbort’s development will note, it hasn’t gained much ground of late as I’ve been working on other projects. Apologies to anyone who has tried to contact me recently as my replies have been somewhat sporadic! I will attempt to do better in future.

However I’ve decided the best thing for Trizbort’s future development is to open up the source code to the IF community. So you can take a gander at it and roll your own versions, create your own map editors and automappers based on the same principles, and the like.

So Trizbort is now on GitHub at It’s also now licensed under the (more permissive) MIT License rather than the more restrictive Creative Commons license it was previously under. So feel free to fork away :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the official version on to 1.2.1. There are virtually no changes from 1.2 other than to reflect the new license in the About box, and to remove the Donate box (since donations were to me personally, that didn’t seem right, as others may be working on derived map editors which are just as good, and funding me wouldn’t help them).

The code is all written in C# 2.0 and so is a little dated now, and there are certainly parts of it I’d do differently with hindsight. It also reinvents a few wheels, and not in the smartest way. Hopefully it’s somewhat self documenting. Its rendering (both onscreen and for PDFs) goes through the free (as in beer) PdfSharp library, distributed under its own license and also checked in to github.

Happy coding :sunglasses:

Thanks Genstein, Trizbort is very handy (I use it even for non-IF things!), so it’s nice to see you shepherding it forward.

I do recall a number of suggestions that were made for the improvement of Trizbort. I find it commendable that, rather than keeping them on hold indefinitely, you decided to take an honest look at its current state, at your own free time, and decided to make it so that it can continue growing, even if it means giving it up to the rest of the community. Bravo.

Your kind words much appreciated. The IF community has given me so many hours of entertainment over the years, whether I’ve been playing or toying with writing IF, it seems only fair.

Since it came up via other channels, I’ll mention I’m happy to consider pull requests for mainline Tizbort changes, but equally happy if people want to fork, build and go :slight_smile: I won’t be doing releases deeply often (“you surprise me”) and my schedule is rather hectic so no guarantees whatsoever, but feel free. Extra points if they don’t break anything else and add something people are asking for :wink: But as I say, feel free to make your own derived versions if you prefer, and I’m happy to link to significant spin outs from my various pages. And will remain pleased to hear what people get up to with it, either coding or using.

This is wonderful news. If anyone compiles a linux version, I would be happy to test it.

So I had someone point me to Trizbort for mapping out a mud that I play. Worked great till I made a map too large for it to load.

That then prompted me to jump into the code and speed things up a lot and fix up the occasional bug here and there.

One thing followed on from another and there is now a version that lets you colour rooms individually. Also working on the cut and paste ability within the program. So far you can copy room and colour schemes. This copies to the clipboard so that you can transfer things between maps. The part that doesn’t work yet are the connections, but hopefully I will have that sorted tonight/tomorrow.

For those that are interested the source code is on the github fork below. Hopefully I will be able to have the mud host a compiled version on there wiki page Hope you all enjoy it and let me know if there’s any other improvements you’d like me to attempt.

Weeeeeeeeell, if you’re taking requests… :unamused: The automap could use some fiddling about. I’ve informed the original author of my suggestions, I think they’re still in this forum somewhere?..

Also, thanks!

Sweet, individual room colors is the one thing I was wishing for. Looking forward to the compiled version, thank you!

Now it just needs a Mac version!

Yeess! That would be great!

A Mac version if something that’s beyond my skills I’m afraid :frowning:

I’ve finished the code for copy/paste this morning and uploaded it to my Trizbort fork on GitHub. Hope you all enjoy the additions as much as I do and I will let you all know when I have a compiled version hosted somewhere.

They’ve uploaded a compiled version on the muds wiki page now.

For those that want it you can find it here…

For those using IE it may download as a man file instead of rar, just rename it to rar if it does that.

“404 Error File Not Found
The page you are looking for might have been removed,
had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.”, I’m afraid.

Hmmm looks like the link might be too new, caching issues for people that don’t have a login. It should come right.
In the mean time if you go to Click on areas, maps, wertle’s map, then it will get you there.

Perfect. And, I think the original link is working now anyways. Thanks!

Well, if you’re interested, here’s some requests/suggestions I had previously made regarding Trizbort. :wink:


Now for automapping!

Clarification on the issue mentioned above: Trizbort’s automap does struggle if a room’s name is in a less-than-standard format, and sometimes just capitalisation will cause issues. The response on that was:

Other examples of room names being rejected are IF THEY ARE IN ALL CAPS or, in the case of “Sun room”, where it’s only the first letter capitalised.

I did come up with a suggestion: have Trizbort behave as normal, but if the user actually, say, creates a room called “Sun room”, and fills in the description, and during automapping Trizbort comes across that room and finds that, even though it might not trigger the “This is a room!” rule, there already IS a room created in Trizbort itself that fits perfectly with this room-that-didn’t-trigger-the-rules… then just treat it as a room. That way the user can easily override tricky instances without Trizbort having to be programmed to be magic. Or, in the words of my original proposal:


And other people had other suggestions, too:

Soooo… do you regret saying “let me know if there’s any other improvements you’d like me to attempt.” yet? :unamused:

Not sure I understand them all but i’ll certainly give them a try. I also want to add a road overlay to the rooms so i’ll be thinking about that in the coming weeks. I’ll pick up a feature here and there that you mentioned and quiz you on it to make sure I understand it and get it implemented correctly, assuming I can.

Sure thing! Mind you, if in any doubt, just check the thread I linked, things have more context there.

Also, I just noticed mousewheel_in zooms out and mousewheel_down zooms in. Am I the only one thinking this is the wrong way around?

Finally - I didn’t actually expect you to pick up on the suggestions so promptly, so my hat is off to you, sir. I was half-teasing. If you’re serious about it, hooray!

Scrolling all depends on perspective. Scroll down can be interpreted as down towards the ground/map.
I’ll add it to the top of the list to have an option in invert that, should be easy enough to track it down.

I was reading about the layers in the linked comments, it’s something I’ve though about too. I’m thing about if I could do the tabs and have the layers below fade further into the background. Not sure what will be possible there or if it will cause it to take longer to draw/move. Hmm I’m interested at the thought of tinkering with that too.

I see there’s a lot of automap stuff, Not be honest I’ve not looked at that at all. I guess with the mud I play I need to take my time to thoroughly explore everything in every room, started the map to keep track of what I’ve done, as such doing it manually didn’t bother me.
Anyways Automap stuff will have to be further down the track as I get used to it and how it functions.