Transcript recording with Parchment

So I’ve added support for transcript recording back into Parchment, via AsyncGlk. The updated Inform 7 template is available in the usual place. As a reminder, to enable transcript recording, you just have to add this to the HTML:

        if (!parchment_options) parchment_options = {}
        parchment_options.recording_label = 'test',
        parchment_options.recording_url = ''

It now looks for a cookie called transcript_recording_opt_out to see if the user has opted out, in addition to the old way of adding feedback=0 in the URL. You can set which cookie it looks for with parchment_options.recording_cookie.

I also fixed the issue where transcripts weren’t resumed after reloading an autosaved session!

I’ve also created a basic PHP script for a transcript recording server. Instead of Juhana’s old one which stored to a database, this one just writes transcripts to the file system. It’s probably not wise to use it in production, but it should work well enough for private beta testing. And if anyone wanted to modify it or write their own server, I also documented the format of transcript updates, which was much simpler than I thought it was.