Things with lighting properties

I am struggling creating lighting properties for three thing: a mobile phone, a lighter and matches.

I have dark rooms , but I don’t know how to make the mobile phone, the lighter and the matches as objects the player can lit to see what is inside the dark rooms.

I moved this post to General Design Discussion because I wasn’t sure what system you were using. Are you writing in Inform? TADS? Another language?

(For Inform 7)

You can give anything the LIT property, which makes it provide light in dark rooms.
The opposite is NOT LIT.

For things that are alternately lit and not lit, you write rules to control them.

[code]First carry out doing something to the cell phone:
if cell phone is not lit:
now cell phone is lit;
say “The phone screen lights up faintly blue[first time]. You wonder if it contains elven magic[only].”;
powersave occurs in four turns from now.

At the time when powersave occurs:
say “The glowing phone screen winks out to save battery.”;
now cell phone is not lit.[/code]