The Obsessively Complete Infocom Catalog

(This isn’t a new game, but it’s a project, so sure: Project Announcements it is.)

I’ve just spent a couple of weeks gathering up every version of the source code and the game files that I could find. Jason’s GitHub collections are excellent, but they are an edited extract from one source: the so-called “Infocom Drive”. They omit some published variations, beta-tests, and so on.

For years, the IF Archive has had another collection of Infocom game files (though not source code): the patches collection ( But these were in an annoying encoded format, in order to dodge the legal problems with archiving commercial games.

I figure that those legal problems are well out the barn door now. It’s time to have every Infocom game file variation in one place, indexed and easy to download. So here they are:

I’ve tagged everything with the release number and serial number, where known. Plus tags for whatever other info we’ve got: “alpha”, “beta”, “mac”, etc.

Research and enjoy!

In particular, you’ll want to scroll down to the bottom and look at the last two categories on the page.

“ZipTest” was Infocom’s regression test suite for testing Z-code interpreters. I found two ziptest game files, for z3 and z6. (No source code, sadly.) This may be interesting to the ZIL / interpreter supporter folks.

“Generic” looks like a template for constructing a new game. I found a source directory which defines the parser, a couple of rooms, and a couple of stub objects. Also three game files.


Nice! I’ve never seen legit files for Nord nor Bert or for Bureaucracy, or for most of their last games. Thanks for putting this together!

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The github repos has Nord+Bert and Bureaucracy game files, actually. (In the COMPILED folder.)

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here is a link to a compiled version of Checkpoint:

It’s from a video walkthrough on YouTube:

Thanks for posting these

That links to a zilf compile from the original source, right? (The compile date is 190424.)

I think it’s a good idea to get them all compiled, but I don’t want to mix up modern game files with the Infocom versions. The compiler is not identical.

I have some updates to do for my site, but I’ve been distracted by NarraScope. I’ll get back to it this weekend.

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First update: someone pointed me at the “new parser” that Stu Galley built for Zork Zero, Shogun, and Arthur. It’s now posted as “”.