The new Parchment

After far too long, I have finally updated the Parchment that runs on!

It includes the formatting improvements found in the Parchment for Inform 7 template as well as this year’s IFComp.

It also includes support for Hugo and TADS!

It will now also be much easier to add support for additional formats. If Gargoyle supports it, then Parchment will probably be able to as well.

There will no doubt be many bugs. One notable problem is menus in TADS 3, they are almost unusable. If you find other bugs please report them on Github.


Very cool. Quick questions:

Are there any advantages/disadvantages to using parchment for web-play over elseifplayer?

Would it be possible for web-apps like this to open and play from zip files? E.g Worlds Apart is a .gam file inside a zip file, so no online play is currently possible.


I just tried " Werner’s Quest: The Black Ladder" and now the help-meny finally works, great!

For Glulx games, especially those that take advantage of fancy Glulx features, I think Parchment has ElseIfplayer solidly beat. Compare Counterfeit Monkey in Parchment and ElseIfPlayer:

For TADS 2, it looks like ElseIfPlayer has some support for the status bar that Parchment lacks:

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It’s certainly possible to do auto unzipping, hopefully next year.

Parchment supports the status bar fine on desktop, but it does look missing on mobile, maybe because it’s more narrow?

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I’ve also tried Zork 285 and now it works!

So if you want to play Zork as it was on June 14th, 1977, here is your chance

On my MacBook Pro screen in Chrome 96, Babel is missing a status bar in Parchment.

This is great news, thanks for working on this!

Works for me on Chrome 96. Weird!

I figured it out! I had set 110% Zoom. Cmd-0 made the grid window come back; Cmd-+ makes it go away (the div is erased, containing no content …!)

Ah, I feel like I’ve seen people (maybe you) report that for GlkOte in the past before. Doesn’t look like there’s an issue for it yet though. Ah, it was raised for Lectrote: TADS 2 status window goes blank at non-100% browser zoom · Issue #133 · erkyrath/lectrote · GitHub Which means it’s broken in upstream GlkOte, and not my fault :wink:

Yeah, this is a quirk of the zoom option which I have so far failed to understand.

Finally, Cris Klimas’s hacks are working in the Parchment!

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Great!!! Thank you very much for that.

I’ve added stylehint support to the Emglken terps (Hugo and TADS), which works great for some, and makes this worse for others… obviously more work still to be done.


Many thanks for your work!

I have noticed that Parchment seems to automatically save now, rather than allowing me to type “save” and then drop back to an earlier save by typing “restore” (this is using it directly in my web browser) - is there a way of reverting to an earlier saved state, rather than just saving continually?

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Oops! Looks like I broke the save/restore dialog in some changes I made. I’ve filed a pull request to fix this; hopefully save/restore will work again soon.

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Sorry! Save/restore is fixed now.


Thank you!