The Masque of the Red Death - Interactive storyworld made with Elm Story tool

Hi everyone!

I wanted share with you my new update of my Interactive Fiction The Masque of The Red Death, based on Poe’s homonymous work. I have recreated the storyworld within Elm Story and will update it with each release so that it becomes an evolving artefact showing the latest features of the tool.

I want to take this opportunity to tell you that the development of Elm Story is advancing well. We are planning to release the 0.8 update in summer. It will include more customization options for images, text, and video.

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Links: The Masque of the Red Death - Download Elm Story


Question about images: is there an optimal size/aspect ratio?

I experimented with a couple of images I had, and while you can zoom in and adjust the image somewhat in the IDE, it seems to display images full-width, but it was always cutting off the bottom half of images that were taller than they were wide. I could zoom in further on the top half of the image, but never could access the bottom half.

It seems to prefer landscape orientation instead of portrait. This might have worked if I could pan the image down to the middle, but it seems to stick on the upper half.

[edit] Found on discord this looks like issue 335 in the tracker:

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