The Infocom Files

I’m trying to rebuild all the games in Zarf’s Obsessively Complete Infocom Catalog with a view to fixing bugs etc.

Would anyone here like to make problem/bug reports on The Infocom Files. The bugs can be either from the Infocom Bugs Lists or bugs you’ve found yourself. All I need is a description of the misbehaviour and how it can be observed. If you want to look into the code and suggest what might be causing the problems that would be great too.

I have some bugs to report, together with the fixes, that aren’t in the bugs lists, because they aren’t noticeable in Infocom interpreters, only strict interpreters that check for illegal attributes, objects, properties, etc. I’m ignorant of GitHub and I don’t see how to make any bug reports. Could you please explain how?

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Do you have a GitHub login?

Yes. I’m logged in, but don’t see any options to add or create anything there.

Under a specific game ( click the “Issues” tab ( and then hit “New Issue”.