The Everybody Limerick Thread (All games covered!)

Barcarolle in Yellow by Victor Ojuel

There once was an actress named Eva
Whose pride was not being a diva,
But whose calling instead
Was to get filmed in bed
In adventures that led to the Riva*.

*(degli Sette Martiri, Venice)

Assembly by Ben Kirwin @bkirwi

It’s a game about a war in IKEA
Versus gods with the brazen idea
To subdue our world.
Get the instructions unfurled
And assemble: this ain’t Hagia Sophia!

Bali B&B @Felicity_Banks

Dear Grandma, what’s this you have done?
A B&B I have to run?
Whether it’s cats in the oven
Or Komma’s sweet lovin’,
I’m gonna have trouble and fun.

Dick McButts Gets Kicked in the Nuts

If you’ve wondered the whys and the whats
Of a game that has kicks in the nuts,
Then this year is your year:
It’s your year, never fear!
There are two games in one: Dick McButts!

Dr. Ludwig and the Devil @svlin

Dr. Ludwig, the things that you dare!
Catch the Devil in a summoning snare?!
There’s a contract you need–
Aren’t you glad Hans can’t read?!–
Now teach the Devil how you play fair!

Paintball Wizard @Doug_Egan

Feraren! Verdaren! Splort! Splic!
Grab a twig, then take aim and wave quick!
While you probably won’t die,
Yet the stakes are quite high
And to win will take more than one trick.

Xanthippe’s Last Night with Socrates @VictorGijsbers

O Xanthippe, what must you be
When your husband you go forth to see?
Do you comfort or ravish?
Are your words harsh or lavish?
Do you laugh, scold or cry… or all three?

Beat Witch by Robert Patten @rpatten

You’re a beat witch* accused of high crime,
And these corpses** are dripping with slime.
Though your powers are waning
There’re people for draining…
Life or death can be turned on a dime.

*(Music enervates and decays you)
**(In which you are bodily sinking)

Help! I Can’t Find My Glasses by Lacey Green

I really must find my lost glasses!
(And I suspect three poltroons from my classes.)
For without out them it’s true:
I can’t tell me from you.
And my classmates are lying out their… noses.

Honk! by Alex Harby @rabbit

The Phantom of the Circus is here,
Disrupting, and exciting fear.
You’re a clown with a habit,*
A goose and a rabbit.**
Best get your fool antics in gear.

*(Of throwing pies indiscriminately)
**(Well, you’re borrowing them)

The Vambrace of Destiny by Arthur DiBianca @dibianca

Oh, the things that one keystroke will do!
Holy light! Quake with might! Or just view!
There are gems for the taking
In corridors snaking,
But baddies aplenty thwart you.

Eat the Eldritch by Olaf Nowacki @OlafNowacki

There’s one thing I’ll say of this game
(For it’s not all so clear from the name):
Though you may have fun
Or enjoy the spear gun,
You’ll never view fish sticks the same.


So I hadn’t realized that Prince Quisborne’s proclivity for doggerel was a bit of a self-insert - your limerick game is tight!


That’s a huge compliment, Mike! I had never limericked before PQ, and PQ didn’t start limericking till… maybe one or two years into development? It was just a little bit of an adventitious discovery…
I didn’t start my review thread with plans for limericks, either… but after I started my thread I felt like my reviewing capabilities weren’t worth a dime a dozen, and had much more fun trying to make limericks out of them instead. I still try to post a “review”, too, mainly for the author’s sake to see someone else engaging with their game.


I love how you beat this rhyme into submission.


There was a young lady from Buckingham…
(I’ll get my coat).


Xanthippe loved John’s poem so much that she wrote a reply (learning this new fashioned technique of ‘rhyming’ in the process):


Creative Cooking by Piergiorgio D’Errico @Piergiorgio_d_errico

In the Railean town of Luroz
There’s a cookery saying*, which goes:
“If it ain’t creative,
Then you ain’t no native.”
Ingredients: let’s fetch some of those!

*(At least, we could imagine there is)


All the Troubles Come My Way by Sam Dunnachie @FinniKey

A cowboy’s no cowboy sans hat.
And I woke in Times Square: what’s with that?!
There’s a hustler hustlin’
Where people are bustlin’:
Gonna punch this guy right off the bat.


LUNIUM by Ben Jackson @radiosity

You’ll notice the graphics to start,
But there’s more to this game than the art.
It’s a one-room escape;
The clues slowly take shape.
Just don’t let the end break your heart.


The Enigma of Solaris by @jkj_yuio

There’s something afoot on Solaris,
A space station bound for Polaris.*
The AI’s grown too smart–
Rennan, have you no heart?!–**
Implications in here may well scare us.

*(Well, it’s somewhere out there in the stars, anyway)
**(Figs… I just used “heart” in the last limerick)


The Whisperers by Milo van Mesdag @MiloM

Agnessa takes the Trotskyist route
But her brother is sure to find out.
I felt some confusion:
My choice is illusion?
Maybe that’s what this play is about?


To Sea in a Sieve by J. J. Guest @J_J_Guest

“Get yer grubhooks off my plunder!
My name’s Cap’n Booby, by thunder!
Blast yer bones and yer head,
Better bail, or we’re dead!
Sharks be waitin’ fer us t’ go under!”


I’ll butt in with my own, here.

How Prince Quisborne the Feckless Shook His Title

Come and help him grow, young Prince Q.
The preface? An hour or two!
It’s such fun to hang
You may think “Gosh dang!
I’d so play this all the way through”

Ahead is a fair with great pomp
Through courtyards and baileys you’ll stomp
Once you’re asked to please
Deliver veggies.
The fun may last post-IFComp!

Push that barrow. Get by a dog.
A map feelie that goes whole hog.
That’s just the intro!
If you liked this, know
There’s much more adventure to log.


We All Fall Together by Cameron Gonzalez

A cyclone is whirling below,
And into it we all must go.
Do we find it appalling?
Or strangely enthralling?
What lies past the dark we can’t know…


Hand Me Down by Brett Witty @BrettW

My father lies ill on his bed,
But he has things that need to be said.
He could have just said them,
or wrote them, or read them…
But he made them a text game instead!

Milliways: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Max Fog @SomeOne2

You’re about to embark on a ride
Where some things you must just take in stride:
Be you captured by mice
Or surrounded by ice,
Or touring a whale that has died.


Well, that perfectly sums it up! Thanks for the limerick :slight_smile:


Finders’ Commission by Deborah Sherwood @dsherwood

Enter into Pharaoh’s Tombs,
Where treasures of old fill the rooms!
There’s an aegis to heist–
(Is this thing overpriced?)–
But an officer everywhere looms.


The Sculptor by Yakoub Mousli

Great sacrifices we’ll make
When we strive to make art for art’s sake.
And rather than watch
Them its beauty debauch,
With our hands our creation we’ll break.


Detective Osiris by Adam Burt @Newnab

This be the tale of Osiris,
Who to learn of his death was desirous.
It turns out the crisis
Was caused by wife Isis…
Let his truth-finding prowess inspire us!


Yes! I’m honoured, thank you :slight_smile: