The Andromeda Legacy™ /// A Competition (with prizes!)

Hey there, peeps.

I have this dream: Steven Spielberg calls me on Skype (via a video call, so I can be sure he really is Spielberg) telling me he thinks my setting and lore are awesome and that he wants to buy the rights for a 3D movie on Monarch and its gratuitous forfeit in the lovely Andromeda Galaxy, thus making me filthy rich.

To make this dream come true, I’m in need of actually expanding the setting and background of Andromeda Awakening.

So, be ready for the announcement of:

The Andromeda Legacy™: The Expansion of a Shrinking Universe
First Annual IF Competition, Ed. 2012

//// The Rules ////

• You can use whatever programming tool you want to build a piece of IF based on the Award Non-winning game Andromeda Awakening by Marco Innocenti.
• It can be a traditional text adventure or a CYOA, with everything that stands in the middle (really: what you want/like)
• The game must be at least one room and can span to multitudes.
• The game can be puzzle-less or a puzzle-fest.
• The game can be a SpeedIF or a Blue Lacuna In Space.
• The game CAN or CANNOT include PC or NPCs from the original game.
• The game CAN or CANNOT include the Hyerotropes™.
• The game can be set before, after or during the events narrated in the original IF.
• The game can be serious, ironic or laughable at. Whatever.
• The game MUST NOT try and change the course of history as it is told in the original IF.
• The game MUST NOT try and change the existing setting of the original IF (i.e.: Monarch has three suns, not two or one or four).
• The game MUST be freeware or CC or whatever, as long as it is shareable and free to play.
• You are highly recommended to have your game betatested and proofread.


• You can ask Marco Innocenti whatever question you like about your or his game, in order to do the best job you can.
• PM me or email Marco Innocenti (minnocenti kidstudio it) for a recap of the known facts about the lore of Andromeda Awakening (in case you didn’t finish/understand the original game or want a recap anyway).

//// Legal Notice ////

The material included inside the Competition’s entrants WILL NOT become intellectual property of Marco Innocenti but will stay of the various original authors (that means what I’ve done stays mine, what you add is yours).

//// The Prizes ////

Oh, yes, there are prizes too!

A Jury (who’s judgement is final etc. etc…) will be organized to judge the entrants. There will be only one challenge, the Best Game. No “best writing”, “best setting”, “best innovations”, “best BigMac”. If no jury will be assembled, Marco Innocenti will be the sole judge. Who’s judgement will be final etc. etc…
If you have time and will you are eligible to be a judge, as long as you are not in the competition as an author.

Yours truly is willing to donate for the winning titles:

Winner: € 150
2nd: € 100
3rd: € 50

If you are filthy rich as Marco Innocenti wants to become, you are eligible to donate more prizes, and/or add categories for the Awards.

//// The Deadline ////

• You must submit a FREE “I’m interested in this” registration before: April 30th, 2012, 23h59 Central European Time.

• Your games must be submitted directly to Marco Innocenti via PM or email (minnocenti kidstudio it) before: June 30, 2012, 23h59 Central European Time.

• The winners will be celebrated on: July 31st. When and where I’ll find soon enuf.

//// Entry Fee ////

The Competition is completely free.

//// The Disclaimer ////

I’m not into this for anything but ego-enlargement. I don’t want to steal your ideas or anything (I don’t think that would be legal, anyway). I don’t want to get filthy rich by teasing Spielberg with a web-induced hype.
I just wanna see what people can invent with my own (partial) setting/lore. Talking to some of you in the past weeks, I understood doing such a thing as a hobby may not be that interesting. So I decided to turn it into a competition and give off prizes.

Love me, 'cause I love you [emote]:)[/emote]

//// Where? ////

A site will be made up (maybe) for the Competition, where the jury can post its comments, reviews and votes (maybe).
Or else it will stay all under the hood, in my computer, unless I find someone willing to help me on the subject.
This forums will be the hub for everything as long as I have news.

[b]//// ADDENDUM ////

Given this is a competition, it will be held only if AT LEAST 2 games are entered. Two is enough.
Less than 2 means no comp.[/b]

Let’s start!
I have faith in you!

Wow, I really hope this one lifts off, would be very cool.

I love the idea! I love sci-fi/fantasy settings and worldbuilding. I think it’s a shame that the copyright holders of most great fictional worlds usually try to stop other minds from joining their world. Where would Western fiction be if many hundreds of writers had not contributed to our understanding of the stories about King Arthur?

Andromeda Awakening looks very cool. I’ve only wandered around in the game and read some stuff through that thing, but I would like to finish it. I hope this competition is a success.

Thanks a lot both. I don’t know if AA has a great fictional world. What I know is that you all can help make it better!

I wait for your submissions, then! [emote]:)[/emote]

@Bainespal: play the final cut version, from IFDB. The lore is much bigger.

I would particularly have liked to be in this one but I’ve got about 8 projects on my head already :confused:

I can tentatively offer to help judge. Tentatively!

We’ll see. I’ll think about it until just before the intent deadline, April 1st. I have a very high drop-out rate for projects that I begin. Though, deadlines do help me get things done.

Do you care what IF system is used? I’m not very comfortable with Inform 7. I would rather use Hugo or ADRIFT.

I care about the story. You can use adrift, undum, mysql, latin, klingon.

And cmon severedhand! You can do better than that! I have faith in you!

The spring is way, way too swamped for me to finish a project in two months, but I wish you much luck!

It looks like the main thing this comp needs is to move the deadline further away. People need more notice.

I’m about to do this asap as i come back tonight from vacation. Maybe a month or 2 more. If it doesn’t get in the way of the ifcomp.


I’m giving off ONE FREE MONTH, no added tax!

I’m expecting much from you guys and girls! Do your best!

Come back to these pages for the full (ehm, quite) list of Known Facts About Andromeda Awakening™!


I promise I’ll post the ‘facts’ as soon as these days’ tour the force at work ends (should be in a couple of days).
In the meantime, if you have any question feel free to email or pm me.

Keep the ball rolling [emote]:)[/emote]

A new blog is out for the miniComp.

Check it now and then if the Comp starts.

21 days to make it start! Go, peeps, go!

collides with other projects AND i’ve yet to play the original game, BUT we’ll see. i kinda like the thought.

Update: the Comp will be held only if at least 2 games are entered, in any form.

The first post is updated.

That’s some excellent mythopoeia (constructed myth). I just added the game to the poll on the IFDB for deep fictional worlds.

The mythology leaves a lot of room to speculate and imagine.

Are the Hyerotropes related to some ancient space-faring civilization, super-advanced aliens or angelic-like beings? (Like how the Vorlons are depicted in Babylon 5.) Have the Hyerotropes (or their creators) interacted with humans before? Did they lead us out of the Milky Way to keep us from destruction? Did they ever reveal themselves explicitly?

I’m not asking for answers. I’m just speculating.

Reminiscent of Babylon 5, where humans had just entered the “Third Age”. Maybe for these purposes, “Third Age” means fully space-faring. So, in the Third Age before the colonization of Andromeda, humans were cruising around the Milky Way, generally doing space-opera stuff [emote];)[/emote].

If I feel that I can handle it on top of my college assignments (which will end by the middle of next month, leaving a lot of time), and if I get an inkling of an idea in my head, I will email you before the impending deadline of the 30th. Sorry to be so last minute, but I still don’t know whether or not I have enough time and motivation for the task. I think it would be a good thing for the competition to be held, because I love seeing this deep worldbuilding and mythopoeia in IF.

Thank you a lot for the good vibes and for the support. I surely hope there are enough games to start this thing.

For the record: I’ve never seen Babylon 5 so I guess either I can read minds… Or my mythology isn’t that original [emote]:)[/emote]

Anyway: I like your questions. I still have to think about them, in all honesty.

Last recall!

Less than 48 hrs to go. Get ready to get in play!
Just a short piece of IF, or even a SpeedIF, can let you win REAL BUCKS. Also, you will be participating in the most absurd Competition EVER!

To all of the nice writers, the nice coders, the nice people out there: Get your chance at IMMORTALITY!

PM me with your intent submission (it’s FREE! it’s COOL!) or email at minnocenti (strange a) kidstudio (simple period) it.


So, it seems the Universe did’t end this week-end.

The Competition is GOING ON, as we found at least THREE dedicated people who sent their intent before the deadline.
Now, the next step is making whatever sort of a game you can make in the next 2 months, starting from… yesterday!

Now I am looking for judges, as this won’t be made in a poll-like voting system but via a jury.

Anyone interested in judging the games (remember: they can be speedIfs but even 100-roomers), please PM me or write at the same old minnocenti (at) kidstudio (

Thanks to all the participants and to whoever did support this madness up to now!

Cya around June 30th for some heavy gaming!

30 days to submission deadline!

O ye valorous coders, beware!

Still looking for more judges!
Please PM or email me if you are considering a role inside the High Tribunal of the Galaxy!