The 20th annual IFComp is now open for entries (and priz

Woot! [emote]:D[/emote]

I keep getting signed out of the website. Can’t even submit my intent. [emote]:([/emote] Anyone else having this trouble?

Also: W00t!

Checked, and same as banseljaj here.

While I can’t speak for Jason, I noticed the dev server (used for testing) seems to be down, too, so I don’t think this is something fundamentally wrong with the coding.

Also, it’s cool to see who has tried to sign up so far.

banseljaj: Thanks for posting this! I also saw the problem, and have twiddled some appropriate dials. Do things work better for you now?

I’ll note that everyone should feel free to email me at the organizer address (, or ping me on Twitter at @IFComp, if anything ever seems wrong with the website. I don’t check the forums every day, and in this case I wasn’t aware of the problem until another reader emailed me.

I can log in and register now! Thank you!

There doesn’t seem to be a “how should we display your name?” field apart from pseudonym. Just fill it in under pseudonym? (I need to credit a co-author.)

Yes, please. (I need to relabel that, and do up a proper FAQ as well…)

Thank you. I’ve been moving and didn’t have a chance to check, but I was able to register just now. [emote]:D[/emote]

Howdy y’all,

I hope you’ve had a nice summer. Now that it’s nearly September, it’s time for me to remind everyone that only a few days remain to submit your intent to enter the 2014 IFComp, via the process described at

All intents are due by 11:59 PM Eastern time on Monday, September 1. After that, all entrants have through 11:59 PM Eastern time on Sunday, September 28 to submit their finished work.

Please feel free to contact me via the competition email address ( with any questions about the competition, scheduling or otherwise.

Good luck!

Um…did the website shut down early? It’s 11:30 CT here on 9/27 and it says I can’t upload anything.

Just wondering. If I’m wrong and the submissions are closed, I’ve got an early test build submitted by accident. Sorry.

I’m having the same problem, I tried to upload the cover art because I wanted to check what the size req’s were but it was marked as already being closed. i sent an email about it but it’s reassuring to know I’m not the only one with a problem with this! [emote]:shock:[/emote]

Yeah me too. I was horrified running around calling people trying to confirm the actual date, thinking I got something wrong!


(Just kidding. You guys don’t need any more stress right now. I bet it’ll get fixed quickly, and off-by-one errors happen, but yeah.)

Emailing the maintainer will get faster results than posting here.

Did that as well, believe me! I haven’t got a response (he’s in bed I’m sure) and just wanted to make sure I wasn’t the only one!

(Pasting the all-hands email I just sent out:)

Greetings, IFComp entrant,

If you tried to update your entry between midnight and 9 AM eastern time this morning, you probably saw an admonition that the 11:59 deadline had passed. And you may have thought “Um, that is still many hours in the future,” and you would have been right.

There is an awful little off-by-one error in the website code I’m tracking down, but in the meantime I’ve band-aided the problem so that you can update and upload your entries once more.

Sorry for any trouble, and thank you sincerely to all of y’all who alerted me to this problem.

Other that that: Yes! The deadline is tonight! I am going to stay up right alongside the last-minute uploaders among you to make sure that the final sands in the hourglass slide away smoothly. Please do give me a shout if you have any questions, as usual.

Best of luck!


I don’t see how “Judges may not rate any games they have beta-tested.” applies here, and searching the term with Google mostly gets me pictures of half-dressed women which doesn’t seem relevant either.

How can pictures of half dressed women not be relevant?

It’s carried over from previous year, about discussing a game in public fora.

Looks like it changed its number, but it’ll always be rule 5 to me.