Technical difficulties with Linux version of Digital: A Love Story

I’ve been trying to get Digital: A Love Story to work in a Linux environment, but I don’t know enough about Python to figure it out.

It seems as though it requires an older version of Python (2.X series), which is fine, but when I try to launch it there is a complaint about the version of pygame being wrong. It seems as though the game comes with the necessary version of pygame included… maybe there’s some environment variable or the like that isn’t being set correctly to point the game at it?

Can anyone who has gotten it to work on Linux provide some information on how to configure things correctly?

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The Linux distribution of the game includes the required version of python, but everything is built for a 32 bit system. The easiest way to make the game run on a 64 bit system would be to install the packages which are required to add support for 32 bit applications, and then just start the game normally.

(This is assuming you are using an x86-64 system, and not something more exotic like ARM or PowerPC.)

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32-bit vs 64-bit was definitely the problem. I got it running on a 32-bit virtual machine without any issue. Thanks!

I wonder if this is why I’ve been unable to play any RenPy games since switching to Debian AMD64 when I got my new computer last year… And here I was, thinking half the point of Python ws that you can run it on any modern machine with a python interpreter… So, any guidance on how to install/setup 32-bit support on an AMD64 OS?

It will vary by distribution, but for Debian you would enable it with:

dpkg add-architecture i386

You can then (after updating the package lists) install the i386 versions of packages. If you haven’t done this before you might want to read up on it first and/or test in a VM.