Tapatalk Suggestion

Any of the admins ever considered this? While it is perfectly feasible to hit the forum on my phone in any of the browsers on it, frankly it’s a little hard to deal with. Would be nice to have something “on the go” so I can catch up on everything. Might also gain some Google exposure and would put the site in their “directory”.

You have my vote! And from what our WoW guild forum admin said, it’s not that hard to implement as the board software supplies all you need.

You’re absolutely right, it’s not difficult at all. I’ve used it on several forums.

What is it?

Mobile forum app.

Yeah, I didn’t know what this was either, and the phrase “mobile forum app” didn’t really help me much. (I don’t have one of them smarty phones.) Somewhat surprisingly, the app’s home page doesn’t even seem to explain it, but it does link to this review, which does. Skip the embedded YouTube video; it’s sort of annoying. :wink:

I apologize for being vague. Basically, at its core, Tapatalk is a mobile application that delivers the content of Tapatalk enabled forums through the app. While it’s entirely plausible to view the forum through any web browser, some browsers handle them poorly or differently, depending on what browser you’re using. If the forum isn’t “optimized” for mobile browsing, you get the full blown forum template in a tiny little screen.

Using it also, as far as I know, gets you listed in their “directory”. IF could use some exposure there.

Well, maybe or maybe not. Couldn’t hurt, though.

I’d be glad to donate a little something if someone can make this happen. :slight_smile:

As I know have it running on a couple of forums I manage, here’s a link to their “promotional materials”.

(Sorry I keep coming back to this. I still think it’s a value add.)


I totally agree, why hasn’t this happened yet?

We want this forum on tapatalk!


I’d love to have this as well please.

Have you tried Opera Mini in mobile view? shrugs It’s what I always use for this site.

Although not perfect, Tapatalk is a good way of keeping all the forums I browse in a library in an app though.

Although not perfect, Opera Mini is a good way of keeping all the forums I browse in a list of bookmarks in an app though.
FTFY, Silver.

Adding tapatalk support doesn’t preclude others from still using other browsers.

HTH, Sheogorath.

I was pointing out the fact the right mobile browser often precludes the need for data-gobbling apps. HTH, Silver.

I was pointing out that browsing the internet is subjective and many preferences can be catered for without upsetting the preferences of others. I don’t think I agree that tapatalk swallows more bandwidth than opera when loading a web page so you’re going to have to provide some actual statistics to back up that claim - despite you never having mentioning that in your earlier post that you now appear to be retrospectively shoe-horning in - before it enters the realm of accepted ‘fact’ I’m sorry to say. Or do you mean data as in device resources? It’s difficult to tell.

But even if you’re proven correct, that doesn’t mean that everyone wants to use opera based on the knowledge that it solves various data issues you personally need to overcome. I don’t have data issues with tapatalk. I use it for convenience.

And when it comes to browsers I prefer Safari or Chrome over Opera anyway.

I never said that it does, but Tapatalk loads live pages to your device, and depending on the refresh rate, this can be extremely data-intensive. Hardly ideal when your broadband is subject to a ‘fair usage’ policy. On the other hand, Opera Mini captures the info about which web pages you want to look at, then sends it to Opera’s servers so they can open the pages, take snapshots, then send those to your device, saving you up to 80% data usage in comparison to your native browser. That’s why I recommend it over any other browser, and will continue to do so till ‘unlimited’ mobile broadband is no longer capped.

You thought you’d sneak this one in without me noticing…? :wink:

Well a month is a long time in net land. Since we last crossed swords on this topic tapatalk has taken upon itself to ‘update’ its app to beyond useless. They must have taken lessons from facebook on how to fix things that aren’t broken but then extended it so that the things are broken and need fixing. So forget everything I said previously.

You win. Sort of.