Tags for 2019

Instead of separate categories for general IFComp 2019 discussion and specific game discussion, please utilize the tags:


(Be aware that only one IFComp year tag can be applied to a message. If you need to change the tag, remove the existing one first.)

Suggestion: a postmortem tag would also be useful.

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No sooner said… Tag away! I got ~100 with a search.

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Thanks! That allows excluding postmortems from a search for comp review/discussion threads, via Discourse’s search operators. E.g., here’s IFComp 2017 games with postmortems excluded.

(I’m posting this because Discourse’s search features are under-documented, and it took me a minute to figure out how to do that.)

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It seems that the word “postmortem” is in disfavor this year. I don’t want to go around adding the “postmortem” tag to all the post-comp author’s notes if everyone hates the word, but I still think it’s useful to have a tag for this category of posts. So would anyone really object to the “postmortem” tag being used, and if so, can we agree on another term instead?


I can change it to another term - what would be ideal?
Something else?

Perhaps “devlog” would be the most use to other projects that aren’t necessarily games?

+1 for usefulness. Tag away! If the community ever agrees on a new, common term, the moderators can presumably rename the tag or do a search-and-replace.

This stems from a discussion on the author’s forum, early during the comp, where we realized that many of us had been using the term “postmortem” in order to conform to expectations, although we didn’t like the word all that much. And in using the term, we were perpetuating those expectations. So we stopped.

The thing is, we’re still conforming to the idea of “author’s post-comp wrap-up notes”, which is a tradition that most of us do wish to perpetuate. And the idea itself has remained consistent over the years, as a category, and I don’t think any of us would mind having our post-comp thoughts lumped into that venerable category—at least, that didn’t come up during the discussion.

So, in my personal opinion, whatever term the community at large decides on (the “tag”), it would have to apply across the years. And from that perspective I think “postmortem” is still the best choice. This year we (some of the authors) decided to try some new terms, and perhaps one of them will eventually stick. But I think it would be fickle of the community to just follow our whims immediately.


Very good point. That’s the term I would think to search for - here and on the internet.

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with using the word “postmortem”. With so many great games, the authors totally killed it this year!