TADS Instructions

One thing I like about AGT is the extensive and readable instructions.

Does TADS have such a thing (homebrewed maybe)? If so, where can one download it? This would give me an idea of how TADS is handled.

It should be mentioned that sometimes for me to learn about something I have to start in the middle. Looking over such instructions would be a start, it’s obvious one does not approach TADS the way he does AGT or TextWorld.


TADS is very thoroughly documented, with several in-depth tutorials and extensive reference material.

Online version at: TADS 3 Bookshelf

Offline version: On the TADS downloads page, under “Other TADS packages → Show full list”, subsection “À la carte components”, there is a link to a download for the full documentation package.

Direct link: http://www.tads.org/t3dl/t3doc.zip


I’ll look it over, but I’ll probably stick with AGT. Still, this might give me some interesting ideas foir modifications.

Would you know how to get around the ERROR 71 STACK OVERFLOW problem?