TADS 3 WebUI Demo game and mini-guide

With all this talk of whether TADS is still a viable language or not…hopefully it is, given what it’s capable of. But it’s certainly tough to learn, at least for a non-professional programmer like me. And the hardest part seems to be figuring out how to get WebUI to do things with the browser, as the documentation is rather sparse.

That being said, here’s the demo game ‘enhanced’ to use some WebUI features, and a link to the code (and a mini-guide) on Github. Hopefully this might be useful to anyone who wants to use the game’s ability to interface with the browser, and isn’t sure how. It’s mostly cobbled together from what I’ve gleaned from the code and bits and pieces of advice from this forum. If anyone would like to help improve it, feel free to add or suggest things.



Would you be willing to port the Manual.docx to Markdown or something like that? Otherwise, great resource!


I’m not very familliar with Markdown, but if anyone would like to convert the Word doc, I’d be happy to put it up there. For the time being, I added a .pdf in case that makes it easier for non-MS Word users.

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A thousand times, “yes,” this is amazing.

By the way (and certainly do not mean to detract from your excellent guide), I built a stand-alone web server from the available documentation. I found the build tricky but managed it. Some day, should I retrieve my workstation, I’ll post my build documentation.


Would be great if you could! I’m also trying to set up a server, and finding it tricky even with the documentation in the system manual. Working examples are always welcome.


I’ve sent out a call for help for replacing the power supply on my workstation. Your request is a priority–I won’t forget. It will take time but I’ll get it done if I possibly can.

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