TADS 3 System Manual

Does anyone have the download link to the TADS 3 System Manual? Not a link to the one hosted on the website; the folder that contains the offline copy.

The adv3Lite docs redirect me to the online one, unless I can change the path to an offline version. Our house lost internet a few yesterday morning (typing this with my phone) and luckily all my IF authoring and playing tools do not require Internet at all.

But suddenly whenever I need to look up stuff from the system manual, I’m screwed. If someone can get me a download link that gets me the “doc/sysman/...” folder, which should contain toc.htm, then I would be extremely grateful. I’ll just use my phone as a hotspot and put it on my computer, and continue on my way.

EDIT: Should mention I’m authoring on a Linux using VSCode, so all the docs I have are just what arrived in the download for adv3Lite. I don’t have the main TADS development IDE for Windows or anything.

On the TADS downloads page, under “Other TADS packages → Show full list”, subsection “À la carte components”, there is a link to a download for the full documentation package, which includes the System Manual.

Direct link: http://www.tads.org/t3dl/t3doc.zip

That’s the most straightforward option; alternatively, since the links in the documents are all relative, it should also be possible to use wget to download all of the files under http://www.tads.org/t3doc/doc/sysman/ in one go.

Or, git clone GitHub - tajmone/tads-sources: Source files of TADS (Text Adventure Development System), where they are in the t3doc subdirectory: tads-sources/t3doc at master · tajmone/tads-sources · GitHub.

Got sniped lol

Nevermind; did some more poking around and found the download.

For anyone else who finds this thread, you go here, and click on the thing that says “more packages” or such, which expands a list of links below the main operating system buttons.

If you scroll down a ways, past the Linux stuff, there is a download called “Documentation”. That’s the offline docs in a zip for download.

EDIT: Ahahaha @StJohnLimbo and I posted at the exact same time! His is more detailed.