TADS 3 or Inform 7


I’m just starting to play around with TADS3 and was curious if others may have done so and have experiences with Inform 7. Is anyone here familiar enough with both systems to make a comparison as far as ease of use?

Yes I have, and I (a novice programmer, not expert in any language, IF or general-purpose) don’t think either language is more difficult than the other, like TADS3 might be more difficult than say, ADRIFT.

I don’t think you’ll have much trouble seeing the major differences between TADS3 and I7 if you write a short game in both of them. Also if you’re not familiar with Firth’s Cloak of Darkness comparison page, here it is – poke around and you’ll find the same game in TADS3 and I7.


However I think the language itself is only half of the experience writing games in either language – the out-of-the-box UI for either language is itself different enough between the two platforms, and the library differences (generally that you create in I7 what you customize in TADS3) make up the other half of writing your game.