Survey for IF authors (about their approach to planning and tools)

Hi everybody,

As mentioned in my earlier post, I’m currently researching ways to support authors of IF during the planning process.

To get some more insights into the authoring/creative process, I’ve prepared a survey. I’d be extremely grateful if you could fill it in (target audience: active creators/authors of interactive fiction).

Here is the link: []



This project focuses on establishing ways to communicate Intent to the author within a distinct category of IDN, specifically the interactive text-based IDN manifested in the form of hypertext fiction.

So just to clarify, you’re only looking for information from choice-based IF (Twine, Ink, etc.)? Or do you want data from writers of parser-based IF (Inform, TADS, etc.) too?


Ah, good question (honestly, I was not aware of this classification). The bigger idea is to consider all the types of IDN (Interactive Digital Narrative), including all the manifestations.

However, my particular research (design, implementation and evaluation-wise) is focused specifically on choice-based IF’s.

Having said that, this survey is aimed to collect as many different perspectives as possible, so I’d also be happy to get answers from authors of parser-based and hybrid IF.