Suggestions for the Game of the Month: September 06

Please use this thread to suggest any Interactive Fiction game for the September’s Game of the Month discussion.

Every forum member can suggest one game per month. It is encouraged to describe the reasoning for one’s choice and to give a small description of the game, so the other forum members have enough information to base their votes upon. Please note that there’s a maximum of ten suggestions per month. As there’s no selection, the ‘first come, first served’ principle applies.

Suggestions may be posted here up to the 31 August 2006, with voting taking place in a new thread running between September 1st and 7th.

Well, I’ve been meaning to play Emily Short’s “Savoire Faire” for a while now so I’ll nominate that. Give me an excuse to finally get it played.

I’m going to give this some thought, and post later in the month. There are some pretty old “classics” I’d personally like to motivate myself to play, so I may end up suggesting one of those.

Has anyone given any more thought to it?

Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it. For September, I want to suggest something I haven’t already played. Curses. Worlds Apart. Something like that. Although, if most people have played those, we might be better off picking something obscure.

Most people clearly doesn’t include me. 8) I’m fine with either. Or both.

How about those games that was made with a relatively obscure IF authoring system, like say, AGT? Those usually never gets played a lot.

“Shades of Gray” might be a good start. It’s a collaboration between several authors, something that appears to be gaining some appeal with IF people these days.

Does AGT work okay on modern computers? I remember someone once commenting that modern computers run too fast for it and it needs to be slowed down in some way to allow it to run properly.

The original AGT interpreters won’t run on modern computers; AGiliTy works just fine.

So far we seem to have

Savoire Faire
Shades Of Gray
Worlds Apart

Any other suggestions? I’m fine with any of those four because I haven’t played them.

I’d go for “Worlds Apart” because what I’ve read about it sounds really interesting. I bet, though, that if I Googled it, I’d find plenty of discussion already. Should we pick something else – maybe something new – that hasn’t already had its share of discussion?

I’m going to suggest “The Ghost Train” by Paul Johnson. It was released outside of a comp in 2003. It may have gotten reviewed on IF-Reviews but I haven’t checked.

I reviewed The Ghost Train earlier this year … entry59757

(Probably shouldn’t click on the link if you haven’t played the game as the review contains a number of spoilers.)

Not a bad game overall, and he can certainly write, but he definitely needs to test and proofread things a lot more carefully.

I’ll throw in a vote for Savoire Faire, and I’ll also suggest All Hope Abandon, seeing as except for The Baron it’s the most recent non-Adrift game I’ve played. (And maybe this will encourage me to actually get around to writing a review…)

Oh, and also I’m nominating Rematch!

(Um…I could think of lots of games that would be fun to discuss, actually. There should probably be some kind of limit or criteria to keep these nominations from getting out of hand…)

You mean something like this?


So going by first choices:

David Whyld: Savoire Faire
Merk: Worlds Apart
Arnel Legaspi: Shades of Gray
Wanaselja: The Ghost Train
Lumin: Savoire Faire

Looks like a clear winner so far for Savoire Faire.

I’ve actually meant this thread to be for suggestions only, with voting taking place in a new voting thread. My impression from the Adrift forum is that a separate poll usually attracts more people.

Oops! How’d I miss that? :blush:

Well, since Savoire Faire has already been suggested, I might as well use nominate something else. At least I still have a couple of days to think about it…

Good idea. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have this compulsive urge to vote in polls, even if it’s about something I don’t even have a real opinion on.

Please consider this thread closed now. You may vote for your favourite game on the Game of the Month Voting Thread for September.