Static Site generator for Poetical blogging - Punchline

Hi, I’d like to bring your attention to Punchline which is very young, but working well enough now to be tested in public.

It’s a lightweight framework for static blogging, where the content is poetry, jokes or other short-form text.
A key feature is its automatic generation of JSON feed data for sharing and aggregation.

I’m looking for early adopters who would like to help with testing, and authoring of alternative themes.

Please visit the repository for more information.
And do take a moment to let me know how you’d like to see this tooling evolve. I’ll be developing it regularly.

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Neat project! It would be very helpful to have a demo site that’s accessible without having to install anything. Also, personally, I wouldn’t use a blogging system that doesn’t support an RSS feed.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look!. An RSS feed is on the cards. I’m hoping it will be relatively straightforward to convert the JSON feed to RSS, since the JSON spec has the more features.

As a result of an game jam, I’m happy to say there now is a demo. It’s up on Github pages here.

Over the coming weeks I’m going to build on this and use it in the documentation. Please feel free to offer comments and advice.

Why do I never make enough time for music?

This has been a busy week, and a bit stressful.

I entered a Game Jam last week on because I wanted to test Punchline in the fire of public opinion.
I have found this tricky in the past because those Jams are often promoted by academic institutions, and the entries come from students on Game Development courses.

I have enjoyed playing those games but they are often of a type. Plenty of Roguelikes and 2D platformers. Some introspective pieces on hot political topics. Recently an excellent, very enjoyable rework of Hotline Miami with just enough backstory to satisfy the Jam theme requirements.

Anyway, I’m very pleased that my demo game came third. And it was nice to see the comments from reviewers who, expecting a kinetic experience, nevertheless gave enough of their time to enjoy something a bit slower, and text based.

And I’m slightly peeved, because one of the voting categories was ‘Music’ and I scored a blank there when I could have taken 20 minutes to drop a mood loop into the piece.

It’s late, so I’m going to stop now. But this weekend I’ll post an update with new documentation, etc.

… and back again to say that the documentation is now available to read online.