Static Site generator for Poetical blogging - Punchline

Hi, I’d like to bring your attention to Punchline which is very young, but working well enough now to be tested in public.

It’s a lightweight framework for static blogging, where the content is poetry, jokes or other short-form text.
A key feature is its automatic generation of JSON feed data for sharing and aggregation.

I’m looking for early adopters who would like to help with testing, and authoring of alternative themes.

Please visit the repository for more information.
And do take a moment to let me know how you’d like to see this tooling evolve. I’ll be developing it regularly.

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Neat project! It would be very helpful to have a demo site that’s accessible without having to install anything. Also, personally, I wouldn’t use a blogging system that doesn’t support an RSS feed.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look!. An RSS feed is on the cards. I’m hoping it will be relatively straightforward to convert the JSON feed to RSS, since the JSON spec has the more features.