SpringThing Review Sheet

Following @cchennnn tradition of creating a Review Sheet for the IFComp, here is one for the SpringThing:

Anyone clicking the link can edit the file. Just add your/the reviewer name on the first line, and the link to the review in the relevant box.


Thanks for setting this up! It’s always fun to either be able to contribute, or to wake up and see a few more squares filled in.

Mods, can we pin this for the duration of Spring Thing?

Also, is this a good place to write up reviews potentially found in the wild, or should that be another topic?


Might be best to have all reviews in on place, like with the IFComp.


Almost 60 reviews already :smiley:
That’s a bit more than 2 reviews/games on average.


Heeeeeeyyyy every game has had at least one review :smiley:


69 now. Also, nice to see everything reviewed. (ETA: I got ninja’d typing the next bit, ha ha.)

Looking ahead, I wonder what a good goal for minimum reviews for any one game would be?

2 seems inevitable, and 3 seems very likely.

4 seems realistic. Maybe 5, especially with fewer entries this year than last!

It’d seem potentially like a sort of community effort, especially with a week left, to get there–maybe we could even have people saying, okay, I’ll make sure to take on this game which is at the bare minimum?



Did you mean a month left maybe ? :wink:


Haha, I keep forgetting, Spring Thing lasts more than a month, so yeah, there’s a month left. It feels like forever since I submitted WoR.

But I was more thinking, I think a lot of reviewers are sort-of hunting for entries without a lot of reviews, to boost them a bit. And we don’t want to concentrate on that too much. We want to see what we like and what’s there.

But then, with a week left, there’ll be certain trends, and it’d be neat for a reviewer to say: okay, I’m very strongly looking at (game X with the minimum reviews,) and I think I can/should tackle it.

Nothing critical or binding, but it’d be nice to have some way to communicate “hey, this entry’s extremely likely to get one more review,” whether through a topic here or with comments on the spreadsheet itself. I don’t know if I have any good detailed ideas/ways to organize this, though.


I’ve seen a few people post about quantity of reviews possibly declining.

I decided to check this spreadsheet and last years.

This year, we have 85 reviews so far, with a median of 3 per game.

On April 18th of last year, we had 103 public reviews, for a median of 2 per game, 18 of which were from me (I plan on reviewing all games after Spring Thing ends).

Also, last year had 81% more games!

I think where people are feeling it the most is in the long games. A lot of people review the short and easy games sooner. Given that we still have almost a month left for reviews, I think everyone will get got to in time.


I hereby commit to you all to be part of the solution here!

This, I can’t help. Oh wait, that says QUANTITY not QUALITY above. Yeah, I can help after all. :]


You are already doing both :green_heart:


In previous comps, I’ve mostly relied on other people’s generosity to add my comp-impressions to the spreadsheet. I thought I’d give it a go this time.

I’ve just added links to two more reviews to the spreadsheet. When I paste them in place, I get an ugly long link-address that runs over the other squares. Can someone teach me the high-level SheetFu moves to change this into the elegant single-word “Link” that I see for all the other reviewers?


Just type “Link” in the box, then highlight it and click the little button that looks like a chain-link in the toolbar (it should be most of the way to the right) – that will pop up a dialogue box you can paste the URL into.


Done. Thanks.

I feel all smart and tech-savvy now.


For those who try to use the mouse as little as possible, there’s also hitting ctrl-k, pasting the link into the bottom text box, then shift-tab and typing Link.

Note you should also be able to type Link as text, then enter, then hit the up-arrow and ctrl-k and paste the link!

This method may be slightly faster for people who wish to link several reviews in a row, e.g. if we find a new reviewer somewhere out there.


Small update: the minimum is officially 2, with 7 entries at that total, 4 in the main festival.


I’m glad someone is keeping up with my reviews, because I should definitely not mess with group spreadsheets. I will absolutely eff it up.


Not to worry. Google Spreadsheets has that undo function.

The only worry now is that such sweeping actions, like, could make you feel powerless or easy to ignore! Though I suspect you’re too well-adjusted for that.

Oh, dry statistical news: We crossed 100 a bit ago. Yay, us. And we’re down to 4 entries with 2 reviews, 2 in the main festival!

By the way, has anyone else here ever bookmarked review sheets? I have to admit I have a task scheduler that launches it once a day. This helps me stay in orbit even as I have other stuff to do.


My husband says I’m misleading you guys if you think that. But really, I can make a spreadsheet blow up in spectacular ways that are not undoable. It’s an art. I’m well-adjusted enough to know that I should stay in my lane.