Spring Thing reviews on the go

I have been busy betatesting a bunch of spanish IF, so I am going to start right from the beggining: Review the games I have betatested.


I want to talk a bit about this game becouse I tested it.
This is an awesome piece of work. I really loved playing. Since the very beggining, with the long intro I got involved in the story.
Every NPC has his own goals to do. You can talk with someone a lot, can drive into the game with other and your PC are severals, so you can play some parts of the game with different results according with your PC, as in Head over Heels game.

Furthermore, there is a maze and two possibilities to drive through it: Mapping or using your senses depending of which PC you play. I think this is a very smart conception.

So, following Mathbrush guide, I will give it four stars so that author improve this idea aftercomp.




Yet another piece of art work from Amanda.
This is an original threatment for an old kind of adventure.
This game started as a simply way for bringing today an actualization about fairies, but become a polished, inmersive, full lenght game with a lot of final endings.
It is a easy game but as this is a full one, you will need to take some notes and writting down some maps.
The last interest is in using special commands to retrieve all the juice from the game.
This is a game that you will play slowly, reading and tasting all the text.
I hope Amanda go on bringing us new if pieces for a long time.

  • Jade.


Another interesting piece of work by P.B. Parjeter.

Two interesting thing about the game: this was betatested in IFMUD and offline for various betatesters messaging between them with some agility.
This kind of test assured a polished and top notch game so everything has been argued and debated.

The game is an original piece with some score gameplay and a lot of interesting and original and smart puzzles very well inserted in the gameplay. It has a medium map with some explorating leads.
Furthermore there is a nice map in the feelies you surely welcome.
So, this is a game about bigfoots and a exploring game that will enjoy most of adventurers.
I recommend give it a try becouse I enjoyed it.

  • Jade.


I tried to test Erik’s game but my PC and my low english spoken skill didn’t let me do. This is a game you have to speak with,
you have to play using voice and full English as the interface but I used the keyboard becouse voice just wasn’t working.

So I gived it a try introducing text and I can say this worth a try. It is an original piece pf work, you will enjoy it.

  • Jade.


Well, when I played Hinterlands for the very first time I expected a full lenght game from Cody after his Rooms saga. This is an experimental game where you can interact with a creature and enjoy it. Let’s try anything you came on mind. You will get back a lot of interesting situations.

  • Jade.


This is a bright game I tried to test but I haven’t enough english skill and I couldn’t do any properly transcript in Adventuron.

I started to play this simulationist game where you will be a gog and have to play some dog’s adventure. As far as I could see this is a very polished game by Christopher. I have this game red marked in my TODO list, so I will expand this review soon.

  • Jade.


The better word that defines this game is INMERSION.
Sounds, music, spoken messages give the game an inmersive atmosphere where you discover a great history while you clean up the house to sell it. Flashbacks and music pieces do this game as original as beautiful.

  • Jade.


I have played untill I have died 2 times, after the game works wrong. I haven’t found the curtains lol. Well, it is a different game and as it is said in the title " In Abate, each of your decisions lead to a permanent change in the realm, where a redo of several events thus never occur the same way due to your influence.”
So I have played several more times and I have found some additional credits.
This game is like a chewing gum in some ways: it has much faces, much different ways to go after taking some choices.

It is easy, short, polished and smart game.

  • Jade.


I continue playing now as I have some spare time.
This is a cool game with the premise that you have to leave from an underground localization. There are a lot of imaginative sequences that does the game very inmersive. The visual effects works fine and leads to the player has some feraness feelings.

As the game claims this is a short gameplay, easy, polished and inmersive “dig in the cave” title.

  • Jade.


A short game about researching an insect restaurant. You can success, you can fail but you will have to play this several games and you will enjoy it.

Short, strategic, replayable, addictive.

  • Jade.

Two interesting thing about the game: this was betatested in IFMUD and offline for various betatesters messaging between them with some agility. This kind of test assured a polished and top notch game so everything has been argued and debated.

Thank you Jade! I am glad you were satisfied with the changes since not all of them were implemented due to time constraints and my own judgement.



A not so small game where you can live and be assisted by a phychologist computerized game. You can play several times with different results each turn takes around 30 minutes or so.
Depending in what choices you choose the result can be somehow disturbing.
I appreciate the work, its originality and the final result that becomes very cool.

  • Jade.


A game with western theme.
Last night, morning in USA we played this game in IFMUD.
This is a FULL LENGHT game. It will take to complete several hours.
It has several good puzzles in a consistent story about the evil and death in farwest.
The map you have to explore is medium size and obviously has some zones you can’t enter untill you have completed some tasks.
The NPCs has long conversations through ask for, ask about, give an object and so on.
Finally I hope that some automatizated answers and a few misspellings will be corrected.
This is of course a big, good game that I can recommend you without any problem.

  • Jade.


I have played this game several times but I haven’t already translated the glyphs, even though I don’t know if my role in the game is being a translator. Pherhaps I can lie where I am asked for the translation…
It is original and different game, envolving me as I read the thinkings of people living in that post apocaliptic war enviroment.

Playing this game is an odd exercise. Can I offer you to play? Yes, I can.

I appreciate you effort with graphis and music. These both make the game more interesting.

  • Jade.


This is another imaginative game, and we count a bunch of these this year.
I am a crow, I am alone, I have to take over the town. This is a difficult task, indeed. I have played a bunch of times and I haven’t already found a good ending.
Graphis are in a good mood, cool and expresive. I really want to take the lead in crow’s nest!

Perhaps crows are smarter than I think.

  • Jade.


First of all my apollogizes because I haven’t been able to turn music on. It’s a pitty.
Well this is a disturbing game. The premise is not an original one, but all the movies and novellas about Hotels splash in my mind when I start playing.
A lot of people doing odd and freaking things untill the morning. I went alive in my third attempt. The game is short but replayable several times.
The answering machine is a new in this kind of game, giving to the player some good clues to survive. I think this game can be extended aftercomp in various ways to become a big great game.
I have found 4 of the 6 advised endings, perhaps I will play once more time later at night.

I liked and recomed this game.
Well, now this has at least a review 0_o

  • Jade.


This game is middle lenght. I have played it reading carefully the text. The idea and the game itself are very inmersive.
Think about “home alone” and some bad clown while you are sleeping in the bed: frightening.
My only complaint is that I have got to a ciclyc dead end. I don’t know the real end. I will play it again later in the night.

  • Jade.

Thank you so much for the review! I’m glad it’s been an immersive experience. I’m so sorry that there’s a dead end you’ve gotten caught up in! If you could share details perhaps I could help- but off the top of my head where I think you may have gotten stuck is that in order to progress to the end, you have to go into the father’s bedroom. This option is on a slight time delay as it’s meant to encourage players to look out of the window if they went to the father’s study first, so as to offer them a chance to look at all of the content. Let me know if that helps, else- detailing which room or area you’re in could help me troubleshoot!



We tested this imaginative game a couple of weeks ago in IFMUD.
Now I have played the game again and it seems more polished to me. As the title says, there are some anagraming puzzles, none of them are specially difficult, they are affordable ones.
There is also some exploration work in the game. When you wander through a torus there is no cardinal directions.
The last puzzle has enough clues if you read the descriptions slowly.
It is a medium lenght, easy and friendly game.

  • Jade.


I am still playing this game, turn 165, but I want to recommend everyone. It worths a try.
Technically you have to escape from a prision cell. You know by now that I really love simulacionist games where you can interact with all the things around the room listed in descriptions.
It remembers me in some way The Bones of Rosalinda 0_o

On the other hand there is a little problem becouse the text is small for a smartphone. If you don’t enter the story the game itself can be reduced to a mechanical try and error system becouse it uses hyperlinks.

Edit some help required:

Dead comes in the clouds under moon and stars. Ok, but what number?
I can’t cover the window with plank and clothes

  • Jade.