Some new forum themes to try

Everyone likes a change sometimes…


zeronoise (Cuz sometimes you want occasional serifs and avatar images)

Geometric (Not all dark themes are drab and boring)

Essential (Neutral with a cozy rounded sans font)


Heh. I’ve been on the forum for almost a year and I never noticed the option to change the theme. I’ll give Essential a whirl.


I really like this one! Feels a bit like reading a book, which puts me in an IF mood.


For anyone else who didn’t know they could change the forum theme, they’re listed under the hamburger menu on the upper right.

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Another first! I’ve never seen the three-horizontal-stripes-menu referred to as a hamburger. Now I will always see it as exactly that.

Same thing happened to me - someone explained “hamburger menu” to me and then everyone was saying it!

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I tried Hibiscus for a while then went back to IntFiction. Every week or so it reverts back to Hibiscus automatically!

I tried zeronoise but switched back to intfiction which seems to provide the most informative interface at a glance.

I’ve kept track recently, and this happens every Sunday evening!

Could be the cause, and a solution?

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I’ve just gone to Preferences - Interface and ticked the “Make this the default theme on all my devices” option there. I’ll let you know next week whether it worked :+1:

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I started porting it to IFDB. Basic and rudimentary so far, but looks nice.

I’m back to Hibiscus this morning! I wonder what I should try next? Maybe changing the settings on a PC browser rather than the iOS app?

Which theme would you like, the default IntFiction one? I can try setting it for you.

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Yes just the default IntFiction one please :+1:

Just over 7 days later and I’m still on the IntFiction theme :slight_smile:

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Hello! :wave: The themes are cool! I like the Alien Night (matches my aurora icon!), but there’s an issue on the ‘unread topics’ page:

There is text there, it’s just dark-on-very-dark. Thanks for making the themes!

Alien Night has a switch to toggle between the light and dark versions of the themes. For now if you can flip to the light theme temporarily it should be readable, and I’ll take a look at the settings.

@Jacqueline : I can’t seem to reproduce the issue - the unread page on my end is still readable. I do notice that the read topics are dimmed significantly and might be going way dark on your end if your monitor brightness or contrast is low.

Another thing to try - log out of your account and back in, perhaps clear the cache and reload the forum site and see if it persists if it’s not monitor settings.

If you guys are accepting suggestions, Dracula is really pleasant.