Some new forum themes to try

Everyone likes a change sometimes…


zeronoise (Cuz sometimes you want occasional serifs and avatar images)

Geometric (Not all dark themes are drab and boring)

Essential (Neutral with a cozy rounded sans font)


Heh. I’ve been on the forum for almost a year and I never noticed the option to change the theme. I’ll give Essential a whirl.


I really like this one! Feels a bit like reading a book, which puts me in an IF mood.


For anyone else who didn’t know they could change the forum theme, they’re listed under the hamburger menu on the upper right.

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Another first! I’ve never seen the three-horizontal-stripes-menu referred to as a hamburger. Now I will always see it as exactly that.

Same thing happened to me - someone explained “hamburger menu” to me and then everyone was saying it!

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I tried Hibiscus for a while then went back to IntFiction. Every week or so it reverts back to Hibiscus automatically!

I tried zeronoise but switched back to intfiction which seems to provide the most informative interface at a glance.

I’ve kept track recently, and this happens every Sunday evening!

Could be the cause, and a solution?

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I’ve just gone to Preferences - Interface and ticked the “Make this the default theme on all my devices” option there. I’ll let you know next week whether it worked :+1:

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I started porting it to IFDB. Basic and rudimentary so far, but looks nice.

I’m back to Hibiscus this morning! I wonder what I should try next? Maybe changing the settings on a PC browser rather than the iOS app?

Which theme would you like, the default IntFiction one? I can try setting it for you.

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Yes just the default IntFiction one please :+1: