Software for charting plot flow, maps? (Snow Leopard)

I’m in the process of planning out my first attempt at an original IF. I’d like to keep track of my plot branching with some kind of flowchart, as well as mockup the floor plan of the game world. Is there any (preferably free) software you’ve found that’s good for managing the types of charts one might want to make when authoring IF? I’m using Mac OS X 10.6.8.

Thanks a ton!

Freemind is a java-based mind mapping program which should suit your needs. Requires java 1.4 to use, so you should be fine.

I haven’t used this in years, but when I did I mapped out fairly large projects and didn’t run into any problems. I can’t vouch for the mac version, but it should work well enough. It’s free and open source.

You may also wish to take a look at this thread:
Which covers a parallel topic and lists many other programs with some insight into their usability.

Thanks a ton. I’m about to install FreeMind and check it out. There’s also a program called yEd mentioned on the thread you linked. I’m going to check it out as well. Once I have time to sit and play with them both for a while, I’ll try and remember to post a report on my experiences.

Another way to go if you use chrome: You can get LucidChart from the Chrome Web Store.